Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

(Salutnathan) #1139

Does anyone know of a specific date that Decks will be made available?

(Amanda Norrsken) #1140

Nope, so far “mid-March” is the most exact timing we have received, which is fair enough. I hope we will get some more warning before it happens, though!

(Feneis) #1141

Please postpone the implementation until you got a mobile app.

(Kevin Memrise) #1142

Hi @Arete_Hime the Decks forum won’t be completely separate but @MemriseMatty is restructuring this forum so that Decks and Memrise threads are separate.
There’s currently a link to the forum in the Decks footer and the Decks course creation page

(Kevin Memrise) #1143

@amanda-norrsken @Lydia9 yes at launch there will be a simple linking between Memrise and Decks in the footer of each site. Soon after launch there will be a linking on the Dashboard of both Decks and Memrise, and information about Decks on the Memrise About page.

We have more ideas for linking but they’re some way down the line.

(Kevin Memrise) #1144

Regarding the launch and beta dates @MarshallLanguages @AkiraKurusu @Senior_Tradesmen57 I’ll be able to give more clarity on that on Friday/Monday

(Petr R Skupad8) #1145

Thank You for the empathy - I am also convinced, that the possibility to switch the timer on/off would be best.

Actually - while I mostly prefer to learn without timer - time from time, I am timer-learning through web intentionally changing the way I learn.

When I had the Pro, I tried to use them, however I did not find it very usefull - except that I had reliable and authomatic list of the hard words (but the orange testing did not help to bring anything special to inprove upon those words)

Literally the best way for me to learn them is the one I described above :slight_smile:, Actually to struggle as long as needed.
And when I get it right, than I go to surfe the internet a bit about that word. … If only I could put those finding from the Internet into the Mem - that would be best.

However - iOS app does not allow me to create mems :frowning:

(Scmelville) #1146

Petr - I have had the same experience as you with the hard words list. I found it didn’t help me.

I used to review my hard words after finishing my normal review session (almost just to clear everything down to zero without thinking about how I could properly learn the hard words)

I have now lost access to that as my pro membership has lapsed and I find reviewing the hard words through my normal review process more effective.

(Lurajane) #1147

@Lydia9 - when a whole course disappears like that, it is often a copyright issue. Copyright removals will continue to occur every now and then regardless of whether the courses are moved to Decks.

(Cerzel) #1148

Why on Earth would you think I’m advocating for being able to screw around with the course and impact everyone’s version of it? I’m not. I’m saying you should be able to modify it for yourself, not for everyone.
“If you don’t like the way a word has been defined”
Completely irrelevant to what I was talking about and gave an example of in my post.

(Amanda Norrsken) #1149

I’m a course contributor for a few community courses and therefore can access the databases for those courses. That is how I change the entries. So that was the only way I could imagine that you could do what you are suggesting.

I am no tech expert, but what you seem to want is the creation of individual customised databases for each and every memrise user who requests it, which sounds like a massive - and extremely unlikely - project.

If you need to have a course just like you want it, why not copy and paste the levels and make a new private one for yourself? That would solve the problem you are facing, I think.

(Amanda Norrsken) #1150

I agree, if this happens, it is super super annoying :frowning:

P.S. You could always offer to become a course contributor for these courses and then you could access the database and correct them. That would do you a favour and also anyone else who does the course. Win-win all around!

(Anita Andrugsurba15) #1151

Memrise, you guys are really about to lose a massive amount of money all because of this sudden decision without even asking opinions from your user base first. I used community courses on the app almost exclusively in offline mode because I cannot get a stable connection during times that I actually use it, so Decks is useless for people like me. By not having plans any time soon to create a Decks app, you have forced people like me to sign up and pay for Quizlet’s offline features, since they are now offering what you are getting rid of (offline user generated courses with audio). I am canceling my subscription to Memrise as soon as you switch.

I imagine many other of your users will make a similar migration since the bulk of your paid subscriptions doesn’t seem to be for Memrise-created content. It appears that a huge number are like me, who want access to the content that DuoLingo or other similar apps cannot provide. This is especially true for advanced level language courses with audio, which is rare and useful. Memrise-generated courses, like DuoLingo, do not cater to advanced learners (why a lot of us are here) or learners of less common languages. If that weren’t the case, I think some of us wouldn’t be as upset.

A few videos of natives saying basic phrases is not enough to set Memrise apart from the other apps that already have cornered the market for newbies and lower intermediates.

This is a terrrrrrible decision unless Memrise very quickly comes up with some high quality ADVANCED (C1, C2) courses for almost every major language that are also better than what the users already have made.


I want to personally thank you for creating an advanced Korean course with audio.

We are still hoping Memrise will listen to the community and announce an app and offline mode for Decks. Based on what @kevin5284 has said we are expecting an announcement within a week.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1153

I moved to Memorion I can import decks for Anki,Supermemo and Quizlet easly and I don’t even need to pay for offline.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1154

He said he will announce when Decks will be launched not that he’ll tell us whatever we will get an app for it or not.

(Lydia9) #1155

How odd. I wouldn’t have thought you could copyright individual words from a course, the audio was all original and it was common conjugations and nouns for beginner to intermediate level. I wonder what grounds they had to delete “he works”; “she works”; “literature”; “newspaper” etc. Copied sentences and their own audio I could understand but that wasn’t the case here, and they replied to say they couldn’t retrieve it but didn’t mention any breach: you’d think the law obliges them to inform someone of a copyright infringement. That’s why we thought a random glitch or software update had deleted it and why we were concerned moving our courses to another site now could be a risk if things are so temperamental that courses can just disappear. Ah well hopefully it won’t go wrong.

(Lydia9) #1156

Can you post a link to any simple instructions for how to import flashcards to Anki, Quizlet etc.? I downloaded Anki and watched some Youtube guides on how it works but all the links I’ve found on other threads seem to have expire, or I can’t understand the instructions because they’re too technical. Really could do with some step by step guidance if anyone can suggest some. Just want to be sure I’ve backed up my 11000-odd words of vocab that I’ve added, in case anything gets lost with the transfer! Thanks!

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1157

I don’t use anki and quizlet.

(Cerzel) #1158

Creating a custom database for the entire course would be unnecessary, they’d simply have to save a custom correction for each entry to your own profile, which I don’t see as a particularly large workload. But then, this is Memrise.
Making an entirely new course for yourself using the original as a basis would remove your progress on that course in the process, so it’s not a very good alternative. But I suppose I could make a new course consisting entirely of entries that need fixing while ignoring them in the original course and use it alongside the original.