Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

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Well, I used Memrise to memorise how to write the Kanji directly inside vocabulary words using SRS. To do so, in each review session I try to write down the kanji for the current prompted word as I remember it. After checking with the dictionary whether it’s right or not, I type it in Memrise right or wrong and let the system do its work in regards of SRS. This is very far from optimal and its less time consuming in other tools such Anki. The point is that the time I take to remember the kanji varies widely from an instant to sometimes 20 or 30 seconds, exceeding the time allowed by the timer. However, it is not strange for me to take 30 seconds to remember the kanji using my own mems and clues and doing it right, which is an option I can’t rely on if there is a limiting timer.

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Hang on, I’d have liked to have gone to this. Why didn’t they email or something to invite people to the meeting?! Can you summarise what was said, please? Sadly there are 100+ new comments since I last checked the thread for updates and I don’t have time to read them all.

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Does anyone know, are our courses back-up in case there are any problems migrating them? One of my friends was a course creator for an Arabic course of 1000+ vocab items and it just vanished one day. Apparently she got in touch with Memrise, there’d been some sort of error that wasn’t properly explained, they apologised but said there was no trace of it and nothing she could do. My whole class was on that course and all lost those flashcards too and it had been made with all the audio etc. over the course of a year. Someone asked could we auto-learn someone else’s similar course of the same textbook and there was no reply from Memrise. So I am very apprehensive that they might try and migrate our stuff, delete it, not explain how it happened and have no back-ups. Anyone able to offer reassurances, did it come up at the meetng by any chance?
Also, does anyone know, will pro-users’ data transfer to the new website? The main reason I keep paying is to see the number of words a day I did over the last year, compare trends etc. and that’s what I’m most concerned about losing (only use the website and not the app, phone doesn’t support apps…) Thanks!

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Thanks. Do you know if they said anything about how long it will be viable, i.e. how does a free website keep in line with their business model/ when are they planning to scrap it? And any mention of whether they will advertise Decks and community content more generally on Memrise website/ the app in future?

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Coming back to the first paragraph. how can you be so certain that subscriptions will move over? Far as we know they will move account info and your stats and custom courses but Memrise has given the firm impression (at least how I see it) to separate Decks from Memrise entirely. It isn’t sailing under the same flag.

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I imagine by migrating, they are simply duplicating the decks. It would be pretty silly if they didn’t look at the result of the said duplication process on the Decks site before removing the courses from the Memrise site. Not to mention talks of a beta earlier in the thread. Most likely they will keep the user generated courses up on Memrise during the Decks beta period. That is probably going to last more than long enough to ensure that the courses were successfully transferred over. I wouldn’t really worry about courses dissapearing as a direct result of the migration process.

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No I would ask @scmelville for details since he went to the meeting

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I asked about this earlier in the thread and @kevin5284 said he would pass on my concerns and come back to it later.

I mentioned that I had noticed that many people who had done all seven levels of the official memrise Swedish courses often then continued with their Swedish by doing “my” (I’m not the original course creator, just a course contributor) Swedish courses, the four-part course, “8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words”, and that I was wondering how - and whether - these courses would be advertised in any way. Obviously, I am not only interested in “my” courses being advertised, but I would also be sad if they weren’t, because I have put in a lot of work to improving them over the last four years or so.

(Scmelville) #1128

I’m not certain and never said I was - the words "can, “guess” and “might” are sprinkled throughout that para. I don’t work for Memrise so I can’t shed any more light.

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I’m new to Memrise Pro and taking German courses. So as a newbie, how do I know if the course I paid for will be affected? Will the German 1, 2 & 3 courses still have the same modules or will those change? I’m confused by what is even going on and would like someone to clearly explain to me what may change. I really liked the application before I became a paid subscriber and I like it even more more with the current Pro modules. Thanks in advance for your replies.

(Waffletoaster) #1130

I believe if the course creator is Memrise itself that those courses stay on Memrise. If by a user (so any name besides Memrise) those will move to Decks.

If you are on the website and see the list of courses you follow, click on one of them to see the levels and such, then you also see int he top right; Created by: -----

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Thank you. I appreciate the fast reply.

(Lydia9) #1132

Thanks, that’s really encouraging, hope that’s the case!

(Lydia9) #1133

Thanks, hope he gets back to us, please do keep us in the loop if so!

(Amanda Norrsken) #1134

For you, nothing will change, unless there are more bells and whistles added to the official memrise courses, which I believe is the plan. I know that the German courses for speakers of UK English have had a beta feature added for learning grammar, which is one of the new features that is available to people who have paid for a premium membership.

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That’s a pretty half-hearted implementation of what I’m referring to. A specific item in a course should let you submit a correction for that item to the creator, rather than needing to make a post about it on the forum. On top of that either way you’re relying on the creator to respond, and they may not, which is why I also want the ability to override an item with your own changes. They probably don’t want to do this because they figure it’d mess with the whole gamification system Memrise has with its points, but I don’t care one bit about that. I’ve had to ignore several items in a course because even if I write them out exactly as they are they’re still read as wrong, which I can only assume was down to a botched input method when the creator implemented them. Being able to override that would solve that problem entirely.

(Amanda Norrsken) #1136

So, what you want is to be able to access the database of any given course directly and customise it to your own needs?

As a course contributor who has put a lot of effort into rectifying and improving the original definitions on the 8,000+ Most Common Swedish courses (and this is not a criticism of the original course creator, sehiralti, who did an amazing job putting together such a massive course in the first place), I would actually be very much opposed to letting “just anybody” make changes to a course I had made.

The courses “belong” - so to speak - to the original course creator and any course contributors that the course creator (or memrise) has approved, not to any random dude who wants to mess about with them.

If you don’t like the way a word has been defined, you have the option to ignore that word, or make mems with your own added ideas so that you can share them with others who use the same course.

(Petr R Skupad8) #1137

Absolutely true!

And yet, I still disagree with the underlying assumption, that the timer is always needed for all of our learning styles.

Because we do speak here about learning not about knowing.

And from my own experience, there exist in every course small subset of words, I am repeatedly failing to memorize. Hard words.
No matter how many times I am given the right answer, they still fail to stick in my mind.

And the veeery best method I found how to overcome this is exactly the painful pondering in front of the screen (without timer and time limit), not allowing myself the relief of getting the answer… If I have to go through this tribulation of trying to combine the letters until it clicks -> actually this the easiest and most efficient method to get over difficult words and successfully memorize them.

(Amanda Norrsken) #1138

I had that feeling with a Swedish word for the longest time, but, finally, one day, it “clicked” and now I can’t imagine why or how it was so difficult any more! I am sure these words will stick one day, keep fighting!

Do you use the “Difficult Words” function at all (if you have pro)? I found that quite helpful sometimes.

I think the best option would be to introduce an option to switch the timer off, then people like me can leave it on most of the time and others can leave it off.