Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

(習います) #1098

I would like to see a new course section.

(Assaji) #1099

So happy I wasted my money on the yearly membership just to get the courses I use the most removed from the app. Super disappointed.

(Flamantrose) #1100


For the moment, if everything is up and working flawlessly on Decks as is minus Memrise Built Courses on Decks next week, I’ll breath easieir :wink: in other words that would be satisfying already.

@naraimasu Yes a new course section would be nice. There was a tab /button for New Courses in the search function 3 or 4 years ago.

I’m an “Oldie” and somewhat nostalgique. Instead of “new” functions for me there are old ones I’d like to see come back:

–Individual course based Forum with a tab / button right on the course.
–A site wide MEMSTREAM (Deckstream?) with possibility of voting on the Mem, visiting the Mem on its own page and going to the courses where it is found. Discovered lots of courses that way in the old days, more like a sophisticated Pinterest.
–Old stats for Course Creators (dedicated page with detailed activity for that course)
–Individual User garden, where you can visually see your wilting flowers, hover over them to see the term they represent -attached to the dictionnary to check the words…

:-)) etc. etc.

Again if ALL is up and working AS IS with no lost data or functionality … I’ll be happy

And if Memrise continues to support the platform, then that will be good news and if they are willing to develop and improve Search Functions that will be even better.

(DW7) #1101

Just for information @kevin5284 @edcooke et al, we already have several threads of “wish lists” of improvements especially for the web, but I don’t suppose they will be possible now as most applied to Creators and Contributors of MemRise community courses, which is not the case on MemRise official courses.

Course Creator's Wish List

[Site Feedback] Memrise Improvements Suggestions (Users)

Also threads exist on the differences between the web experience and the App experience.

[App & Site Feedback] Differences between the WEB version and an APP version

(Hannahstern74) #1102

Sorry to disturb…

Today I got an in app notification. When I clicked it, I got the option to open in app or in browser. I chose the latter.

It was an ad for pro. And the ad still talked about thousands of language pairs, without any note that this must include community created courses and that these are gonna be taken off the main Memrise very soon.

That’s more than dishonest and could possibly (I’m not a lawyer and I’m not gonna sue because I know better anyway) even be persecuted as attempted fraud or violation of regulations on honest commerce/advertising.

(Fronika) #1103

Used to have that in the old days. Also “a most popular” tab, which was very useful.

(Cerzel) #1104

I would also very much like Decks to add the ability to submit corrections for a course, or override the answers entirely, which is something it’s desperately needed and I’ve been requesting for years.

(Waffletoaster) #1105

Just wondering, were there any refund mentions? This for those who bought a life time subscription and who are now faced with the fact that what they paid for and use will become available for free? Any mention on the sneaky changes in the terms of use and agreement that people didn’t get informed about? Specially those concerning Memrise not to refund your money if you want to step off the crazy train and are not planning to use Memrise specifically but just decks (which is free and so why give away money to Memrise).

Also I do wonder about the statistics Memrise pulls with the conclusion that most people might not use the offline mode, specially if you think about it; if you use wifi anywhere and use the app even with the offline mode, it will proceed to connect to memrise online anyway. The only way to truely be offline is to cut off wifi and any mobile internet network you could be on, if in any way you’re on a wifi network memrise automatically loads the app as online.

Overall I am just happy Quizlet had a 50% discount a few days ago.

(Scmelville) #1106

Re: refunds - no, didn’t bring that up. I guess that if they can provide a business case for the functions we want on Decks and we have to pay for it then that might be something current users would like their subscriptions from Memrise to move over to.

We did raise issue of how the usage stats would be skewed by the fact that you can’t search for community courses on the app - but we didn’t touch specifically on the points you raise re: wifi and just how offline you are even when using it offline.

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #1107

What did they say about it?

(Scmelville) #1108

My recollection is that it was noted like the rest of what we said - honestly, it was relatively minor part of the meeting.
We were focused on the other main points (app, offline, paid for) but this whole Decks announcement should be a learning experience for Memrise about how it communicates, how it does user feedback, how it acts on it, etc.

(Amanda Norrsken) #1109

This is what the forums are supposed to be for, but as @flamantrose pointed out, this function already existed on one of the former versions of the website. There was a direct link via each and every flashcard to the forum for that course, so it was really easy to tell the course creator about errors that were found.


Huh. Decks has been delayed to Mid-March according to @MemriseMatty. Gives us more time.


Delayed? I thought it was always mid march.


What has changed is that there will now definitely be a Beta period, i.e. during which Decks will be live, while the community courses will continue to be available through the Memrise app

The need for a Beta period was one of the issues raised during the meeting.


@AkiraKurusu In a recent forum post. They said Decks would be released today. But edited it to Mid March.

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(Jarmanso7) #1115

I guess it depends on what you are trying to learn. I used Memrise to learn how to write Kanji, so disabling the timer was a must. In any case, it would be very easy to just make it optional from a developer point of view.

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(Overlord Hydroptère) #1116

you had to draw the kanjis in memrise? I don’t remember any course with the option of drawing the Hanzi/kanji, please do let me know, I’d like to try it… For such stuff I’d use writing recognition apps (skritter, plumago etc).

Well, I am not 18, so I canbnot waste my precious time with writing the kanjis by hand :wink:"Happy learning!

(Jarmanso7) #1117

Not sure why you mentioned the age here. I’m 28, have a full time job and yet I find time to write the kanji down by hand when reviewing. I do it on paper, without any recognition software, and I find it very rewarding and very useful to remember, read and write the kanji quickly. I guess you may have other priorities and you don’t want to learn how to write Kanji, that’s ok. But it’s definintely doable no matter how old you are.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #1118

I personally do not have the time to write them on paper, I am learning 7-8 languages (and I know already some languages).

I can write on paper some 500 kanji or more, learned them in school. But I am using paper quite seldom in communication, unfortunately.

But then, what does have writing the kanjis on paper to do with the timer on memrise?

As you mention, probably it is not difficult to install an option for the user - timer on/off. Unfortunately, until now, every time some very vocal group said “this is too difficult, or too offensive, or this and that”, the team simply ditched the respective feature. I am afraid they will take out the timer as well.