Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

(Christian Tintenfisch) #1078

As mentioned above, I would be extremely willing to pay a subscription for an app available offline for community courses, thank you for having the meeting and discussing this!

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1079

I was using official courses in the few first month after joining Memrise after that I never used them I used community courses instead.As for offline mode it was already said by a lot of people that we don’t have access to internet everywhere.I use the app 95% of the time offline so without it Memrise and the future Deck is completely useless to me.

(Red Angel666) #1080

Sounds hopeful. In my experience most companies give a damn on the community concerns and don’t listen. PLEASE surprise me Memrise! Please

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(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #1081

@kevin5284, one of the things I hope for:

A completely separate discourse forum for Decks and a link to that forum prominently displayed on the Decks website.


You can use a browser extension to export an arbitrary course to Anki or use my little Windows application (linked to somewhere around post 100 in this thread) to get a CSV with your course data.

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(Amanda Norrsken) #1083

I agree with the previous poster: if you can’t find the word within a few seconds at the most, you don’t. know. the. word. Unless you know the answer instantly, you are just still in learning mode, not in “knowing mode”.

I do appreciate, however, that for languages with alphabets that are different to your own, that the timer may be unhelpful for beginners.

It would be nice to have the option to switch the timer off for those languages.

(Amanda Norrsken) #1084

Thanks so much to you and the other memrise users who were with you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to raise the concerns voiced here by many memrise users.

It’s really really appreciated!

Even if changes are not made to memrise’s plans in the near future, perhaps they will implement them later. And, if they do, it will be partly thanks to you and the others who attended this meeting.

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #1085

I hope you and @edcooke are assured now that Memrise users are not some killer maniacs with chainsaws. :slight_smile:

Yep, I still have questions for you and Ed, but I need some time to think about them.

(Phillip Bennett76) #1086

All we need is an app. Ideally, I feel like all the backlash would end is if they delay the launch of Decks until the app is ready and give users an option. Either use the site for free or pay to use the Decks Mobile app.

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #1087

I’m sorry, but why are you so grateful now?

I had an impression that you are more than comfortable with the Decks website and do not care a bit about the apps. As far as I remember you did not say a word against this decision and I was even thinking that you are gloating over this mess with the apps (I could be wrong, of course).

(UX/User Research @ Memrise) #1088

Nice to meet you all @scmelville @houssam.alissaed @Senior_Tradesmen57 @Julia_Halder36 @SilentShuffle @tommcb

As Kevin mentioned, you represented the community very well; made points clearly, succinctly and represented the range of concerns I have seen voiced on the forums recently.

Mario and I were just saying it was a really nice way to spend the evening – and it wasn’t because there was free mexican food :smiley:

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1089

I don’t need a timer to know that a word need more review.It’s better to find the word after long thinking than getting the response after 60 seconds based on my experience the more I take time remembering a word the more it’s easier to remember it again. That’s for simple vocabulary but if you have a grammar courses 60 seconds is really short for a lot of people.Anyway I’m which giving the user the choice.

(khx333) #1090

As I’ve mentioned before, there is already an existing Decks mobile offline mode app. The existing Memrise app. Branch off the sources, rename it and point the courses to the Decks web site, do minimal maintenance – fix any breaks with mobile OS upgrade – and charge for the app.

(Amanda Norrsken) #1091

This huge thread has been very educational and I have learnt a lot, namely that a lot of people use memrise as an offline app and that they download community courses to learn offline. I really was totally unaware of this. As I am a language teacher (mostly of English, but also German) and love to recommend memrise and have some new students that are Afghan refugees who only have smartphones, but no laptops or PCs, it became clear to me that it really would be a good idea if Decks was available as an app, also with the offline feature integrated, and not just as a web version. Their native language is Persian and there are only community courses for the language combination of Persian/German.

The fact that I personally have not really used or needed the offline feature, or don’t really like the app, is not relevant; I am grateful to @scmelville and the others mentioned above for representing the interests of the vast number of memrise users who do use these features and who would really like to have them in Decks, too.

I hope you can appreciate that there are people out there that can change their minds on the basis of new information: I am one of them. I now think the ideal solution would be to have Decks available as an app with an offline feature, as well as a web version.

Yup, you’re wrong :grin::grin::grin:

The person who has these thoughts only exists in your head, nowhere else, thank goodness! Because someone who “gloated” about this mess would be a pretty nasty and horrible person.

I do feel rather embarassed about my comment that I didn’t need an offline app because the trains round here have wifi, that was a bit smug and arrogant and I am a bit ashamed of having said it. BUT, on the other hand, because my comment was a bit outrageous, it actually provoked a lot of people into commenting and explaining exactly why - in their particularly country or for their particular needs - they needed the offline app. So my smug comment actually did some good in that it made people explain and made the need for an offline app even clearer.

I understand the rationale behind the split and am grateful that memrise have said that they will finance a free web version to host the community courses. That I “do not care a bit about the apps” is not correct; I just found the app version of memrise to be inferior in terms of learning and testing knowledge. But after learning what I have read here, I do care about the idea of Decks being available as an app with an offline feature integrated.

A friend of mine who is very social-media savvy said that she now tries to assume, in any online exchange, that the other person(s) in the conversation generally do not have any evil or malicious intent in their statements. I now try to assume the same and it has made using social media much more relaxing: if I find myself reading something negative into something someone has written, I try to remind myself that it is ME that is seeing negative things and that I have no way of knowing if the writer really intended anything negative. In the absence of proof, I try to assume that most people do not want other people to read malicious intentions into their words.

Please assume the same about me: I have never ever “gloated” about this latest decision by memrise.

Let’s hope that something good comes out of this discussion, even if it doesn’t materialise straight away!

All the best,

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #1092

Yes, we had a dialogue between us the other day and it seemed to me that your attitude was like “who in hell needs this goddamn app?” :slight_smile:

Thank you for this long explanation, Amanda. I’m really sorry if my words offended you.

(Flamantrose) #1093

Thanks @Senior_Tradesmen57 for the summary. and Kudos to @scmelville @kevin5284 and of course @edcooke.

Glad to see that discovery of courses was brought up. A big one on my list since 3 or 4 years now.

And yes after uncountable hours spent on contributing, paying a nominal fee for continuation of a performing platform seems reasonable. (Despite promises to the contrary years ago)

But wait when does it all go “Live” with Decks ? D-7 ??? :slight_smile:

ps Sorry I missed the Mexican Dinner as well.

(Silent Shuffle) #1094

Good to hear from another course creator who shares this concern! It’s my number one issue with Memrise in its current state. My suggestion was some kind of course rating/review system, with courses listed by popularity based on user experience, rather than by number of users. Right now, the system is heavily weighted towards courses that have been on the site since its early days, many of which are poorly designed and/or maintained. A more effective search function would also be appreciated. How would you like to see this problem addressed?

(Amanda Norrsken) #1095

I use the app when I take the train, to pass the time, mostly and to see what “my” courses look like on the app. Just FYI, that I have actually used the app regularly.

You wrote, “it seemed to me like”, which is what I was writing about before: you are reading negative things into my words that I never intended.

You can tell me all you want, “but I thought you meant X, Y or Z” and I will say, “Fine, that is what you read into my words, but that is only your interpretation and not what I intended.”

(Amanda Norrsken) #1096

Thanks for the apology. No offence was taken.

(Drifterprof) #1097

Yes exactly. Companies do not spend money to give away free stuff to consumers without some tangible benefit. One business rationale that Memrise might have in maintaining a free Decks website is that it could refer people back to the separated Memrise core product – thus increasing brand recognition and value. However, I seriously doubt whether a Decks website would be adequately maintained free to consumers.

In any case, my intuition is that Memrise administration is way to confident about the value of their core product (competitors with same product, Memrise website and app errors, download incompatibility with slightly outdated mobile OS, lack of flexibility in settings/functions, changes in the product not liked by long-term or other groups of users, etc.). These weaknesses also indicate that Memrise does not have a good coding staff (maybe top-drawer software engineers would cost too much). In any case, with the millions of app downloads, the apparent Memrise hubris about their product is not surprising.

Lastly, the online Memrise responses and provision of forums for feedback is unusually open - I think they generate considerable good will by providing this.