Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1057

No it mean the website will adapt to the screen size of tablets and smartphone but it doesn’t affect the desktop version.That’s called the responsive web design if you want to know more about it.

Will Memrise delete my course?
(L0rri) #1058

Whew! Thanks for the quick reply, and I am happy to hear that news.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #1059

No, it just means that the website will visually adapt to make it usable for mobile devices.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #1060

??? I don’t understand this… you do not want to know the answer? ok…:upside_down_face:

That is your opinion. My opinion is different. I don’t find 30-45 secs a race; I hope that they did not take ouit the timer…

(Scmelville) #1061

Re: timer - this was discussed yesterday evening with Memrise and we asked for it to be made an option you can turn off if you want on Decks.

(Sausupo) #1062

Terrible, tone-deaf update. You should be embracing your community instead of constantly taking it for granted. Do you know how many language learning apps would literally kill to have a community as dedicated and passionate as this one? It’s an incredibly rare and valuable asset for ANY app but you give it no value whatsoever. You guys could have genuinely been the Facebook of language learning by now. It really blows my mind.

With this update, all of my favourite courses will be rendered utterly unusable. I do not have nor do I ever plan on having mobile internet. With no offline capability, I simple cannot use your service any longer. So disappointed.

Looks like my only option will be to transfer all the courses over to a flashcard app like anki and use that instead.

I urge you to listen to your community and reconsider this horrendous update.


Thanks to @scmelville for the excellent summary and all the passionate users and to @edcooke and @kevin5284 & all the other Memrise staff who attended.

For technical reasons i.e. adding new functionality for official Memrise courses often breaks functionality for community courses, Decks is Happening

What was discussed was the format that Decks by Memrise will take.

@tommcb raised the excellent point that schools and other educational facilities could be a great additional revenue source for Decks by Memrise paying for custom courses (to meet syllabus requirements). I suggest hiring a great education salesperson.

One of the things that @edcooke was surprised by, was that the community were unhappy that Decks was initially proposed to be completely free. As has been expressed elsewhere on this thread, users are concerned about the long term viability of a free website, with many keen to financially support community courses.

In summary what many of us would like Decks by Memrise to have is:

an app
an offline mode
course reviews/ ratings
a better course search facility
a way for us to offer financial support

(Philosopha) #1064

Thank you for defending our position! I am very grateful for your effort!!

(Holly Gates22) #1065

Thanks for the meeting report. I really appreciate the time you and other forum members took to attend this and voice the concerns we all have. I also give memrise significant credit for being open to a meeting of this type and for Ed, Kevin, and other memrise team members for devoting their time after working hours to go into what at the outset probably seemed like a hostile environment and have a substantive discussion.

Obviously I am still baffled and upset about their choices regarding their vibrant community course ecosystem. As someone else mentioned, other companies would kill to have this gem of a resource. @Senior_Tradesmen57 gives a great list of the couple points of most concern to me, and I am really hoping Memrise puts some effort into addressing these.

I’m furiously downloading current courses and possible ones I may want to do in the medium term future to Anki, but while Anki is powerful and configurable and not subject to corporate whims, I’d just really rather spend my time learning with the memrise app on courses I care about rather than getting up the steep learning curve on Anki. And while the points and gimmicks and modern interface on Memrise shouldn’t matter that much at a basic level, I am sort of used to them and like them. And my kids (also paying members) really like them, even when doing english vocab lists their mom coursified for them.

(Houssam Alissaed) #1066

It was a great meeting, really good to be able to exchange ideas in an open and friendly context, so thank you to @edcooke and @kevin5284 and the other Memrise staff for hosting, and thanks for everyone who attended. Really felt welcomed and listened to.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #1067

This statement really does fascinate me as it should be clear that any average intelligent person would expect that the development and continuous support of a complex/comprehensive application simply costs money!
The reverse conclusion is quite simple: I want to use something that is being maintained, fixed, enhanced, you name it.
The logical consequence is equally simple: I’m more than willing to spend money on something alike.

Frankly spoken: spending money on an app or a service puts me - as a paying customer - in a situation where I can actually expect certain things to happen, or demand that problems are being fixed.
All this is pretty much out of the question for “free” apps (even if they refinance themselves by means of advertisements).

Consequently, users (me included) are afraid of a free service that would just sideline a product (Memrise “official”) and could well be reduced to a niche existence.

(Scmelville) #1068

This is something I raised yesterday as well - I have tried to get to grips with Anki and failed - as a learner, the usability of Memrise (flaws and all) with community courses means you can just get on with the activity we’re interested in without wrestling with Anki (I know other people like it though).

I personally have found Quizlet very easy to use but would obviously prefer to keep the current Memrise ecosystem.

(Scmelville) #1069

Rest assured Olaf - a long period of time was spent in the meeting making this absolutely crystal clear!

(Olaf Rabbachin) #1070

Same here! FWIW, I’ve searched high and low for an alternative. The only one I’ve found so far that …

  • allows/supports custom/community content
  • provides an app
  • provides offline capabilites
  • comes even close to Memrise’s abilites/functionalities
  • allows to import of Memrise courses (from what I’ve seen this currently means a detour via Ankhi, but it’s feasible and there might be an import facility for Memrise courses in the not so distant future)

… would be Memorion. Do a quick search for it, there’s a few video tutorials and informative content. It’s far from being the same as Memrise.
Also, Volker (who seems to be the author) has posted about it here.

Again, I’d definitely prefer to stick with Memrise - I love the community which is a part that is not to be underestimated either.

(Scmelville) #1071

Thanks Olaf, I’ll check that out

(Adrian) #1072

I honestly don’t know why people worry so much about the mechanics of Anki. They are not that hard to figure out, and you can always watch a short youtube video on what everything does. Case in point, I had too many decks so I looked for a way to tag everything in one deck (with its respective name), and then move them to a main deck. I don’t know any programming at all, and I honestly didn’t need to know anything else other than resizing the text because it’s too small and assigning which field goes in each card, which you can find tutorials on easily.

A couple videos I’d recommend are these ones:

A tip I have for the actual learning is to mark words you’ve been learning for a while and can’t get them in your head so you can cram them the old-fashioned way until Anki asks you for those words. Once that happens, you’re on track and you won’t forget them.

I haven’t looked much into Quizlet, but I’ll also try that out to see if it’s a better alternative.

(DW7) #1073

Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think I can (easily or automatically) download courses via a computer browser (ie it’s only possible in the app).

This is not a problem for courses I’ve created as I have the data in a spreadsheet - although it doesn’t reflect any slight improvements.

But it is a problem for all the abandoned courses I support, so I really hope Decks keeps going.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1074

I want to have the answers either after choosing the wrong response or with a button when I want to after the timer is finished.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1076

The last update made community courses possible.

(Kevin Memrise) #1077

Hi all, just wanted to say thanks a lot to everyone who came yesterday @scmelville @houssam.alissaed @Senior_Tradesmen57 @Julia_Halder36 @SilentShuffle @tommcb and who represented the views of others who couldn’t make it.

It was great to meet you in person and talk through all the points that have been covered here in the past weeks. I read everything here but personally found it very insightful to get more context on how you use and see Memrise (both the community courses and in-house ones), why the mobile app and offline means a lot to you, your willingness to pay for that, and some of your pain points like course discovery.

We’ll report back soon on when the Decks website is planned to go live, what the beta period will be, and whether there will be a Decks mobile app. Looking forward to your feedback on those.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.


ps I haven’t forgotten about improving the abandoned courses, just been a busy week so had to put that on the back burner! I’ll try to come back to it next week

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