Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

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Wifi on the train? You really are lucky :disappointed_relieved:

(In theory in many trains in my country there is wify as well - but the quality of signal is exactly the same as the quality of signal of my telephone provider - sketchy, irregular and on the majority of the travel - not sufficient for loading) … that is while going outside the city.

Moreover I prefer to learn everyday, while commting inside the city. There is plenty of signal while on tram or bus… however the most substantial part of the travel is done underground through “metro” system. No signal at all (except maybe three stations)


I’ve never even heard of wifi on trains. They don’t exist where I live.

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Thought I’d quickly update this giant thread about our meeting with Memrise tonight.

It was around 90 mins long and I assure you the attendees reiterated very clearly the main points that the forum has highlighted re: Decks - ie offline, app and paying for it.

Obviously I’d like to say that the sheer intellectual force of our arguments caused an immediate volte-face from Memrise but that wouldn’t be true.

I can say that Ed, Kevin, Mario and the rest of the team were very receptive to and patient with our comments on a variety of topics which I honestly think fully reflected the multitude of points raised over the last few weeks on this thread.

Memrise can obviously speak for themselves but my personal feeling was that they would now consider all possible business cases that would make the app/offline/payment models viable.

We saw a pretty complete demo of Decks and looks very similar to current Memrise website. Anyone who is using community courses online via website at the moment will see very little difference.

I appreciate that there will be people on the thread who won’t be happy unless I could report that things will stay precisely as they are (or go back to previous versions of the product) but I think the majority would be both happy on how they have been represented and how receptive Memrise were to our points.

Thanks to the Memrise team for taking the time to host us.

Struggle (fight) with Memrise
Struggle (fight) with Memrise
(Phillip Bennett76) #1040

I hope they just develop an app for Decks when it launches. Seriously, if it doesn’t happen, I will have to use another service. I study my Russian primarily through the app.

(Flamantrose) #1041

@scmelville Thanks for the recap ! :smile:

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1042

They can’t make an app in one week

(Phillip Bennett76) #1043

I’m sure they can’t. But it would be cool if it was ready at the end of March.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1044

So the only concrete thing we got is that Decks look similar to Memrise.

(Scmelville) #1045

Yes, I’m sorry that is disappointing but I don’t think there was ever going to be any other update immediately after a meeting that started at 7pm in the evening today.

I can’t predict the future and I don’t work at Memrise so I don’t know what their plans are now. We should at least give them some more time to respond - they may well say they have considered all the business cases and our comments and there is no change to the plans.

I would be disappointed in that case as well but I just wanted to send my personal thoughts as someone at the meeting to the forum as soon as I could.

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I am not sure what the meaning of this is - in reply to my post. Race?

I am trying, however: knowing a language means being able to speak, read, hear in real time - it does not mean asking everytime for 10 minutes break so one can 1. remember the right words and 2. think how to “join” them. The timer is there to give one an idea about the real life immediateness…

well, Decks is coming soon, I am curious how many of us will find it really usable. With userscripts or not… I keep my fingers crossed for all those who are still hoping for a happy end.

(khx333) #1047

Thanks for the update!
As for an app, that’s easy, branch off existing Memrise app source code, call it Decks, lock down the URL to the new web site, keep minimum updating, mostly to fix mobile OS changes, and charge for it.

(Silent Shuffle) #1048

Decks is a clone of Memrise. The only difference right now is the lack of an app and the Memrise-created courses. We all made the case for an app/offline mode this evening and it appears to be something that the team is seriously considering.

(Scmelville) #1049

I didn’t mention any of the possible tech points raised in my first post as it isn’t my strong point - but a fork of the current app was mentioned and Ed said that the number of technological solutions offered on the forum were interesting as possible ideas/solutions.

(Sunny Annie) #1050

Thank you very much Milamy :slight_smile:

(Silent Shuffle) #1051

Spot-on synopsis! I felt that the team were very receptive to our concerns and really appreciate that they were willing to spend a good hour and a half chatting to us after work. Suspect there will be more updates about the meeting tomorrow, both from the team and from other users who attended.

(Julia Halder36) #1052

Thanks for writing up!

It’s not like we could go in there and make demands like a negotiation. We were there to state the case in person and show how keen some of their long term users can be so even if nothing else they know there are some users who are willing to pay for a particular thing, so if nothing comes of it now, we might have planted a seed.

Anyway the ball is in their court now, they have heard the arguments and the strength of feeling.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1053

Don’t worry I wasn’t expecting anything to change like you said they can’t change things one week before Decks is launched.I respect people who went to the meeting.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1054

The timer make it like a race you should find the word within a certain amount of time.I can’t see the benefit of the timer.The functionality should at least not give the response after the timer end.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1055

That’s why I used the word concrete.Thanks for representing the users in the meaning.

(L0rri) #1056

I just read the original blog post and saw this: “Decks will only be available as a mobile-friendly website.” Does this mean I need a phone to use it? No more desktop access? I have no cell phone so that would make most of the courses I am learning unavailable. I’m hoping the word “only” was supposed to be “also”!

Will Memrise delete my course?