Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

(DW7) #1017

That’s good - but although I knew about this change, I haven’t received any letters or emails about this (yet).

(Overlord Hydroptère) #1018

I am literally amazed that some people find the timer the big problem. I have been in here for a long time as well, I took and take phrases courses for Japanese and Mandarin etcetc and never had a problem with the timer. I had/ have a problem with the bar being too short (therefore being unable to see the whole of the sentence, a problem that still exist).

What about the mems (you see only 5 max 7, and they don’t circulate among courses anymore, like until 2 years ago), auto-ignore, direct links to fora etc.

Would you rephrase it to “some’” people, please? If I take the time, I find probably some 100-200 people in here complaining about that.

If the timer is gone, then I need a script to put it back…

(Holly Gates22) #1019

Ok, fair point. Some people like the timer and some people don’t I guess. It just seems weird to me that the website has it and the app does not, and without third party work arounds there seems to be no way to change that on either platform. How about a checkbox or something to enable the timer?? My point is that it illustrates well the fact that this company does not appear to take feedback and make useful changes to the product, instead pouring their resources into changes which have no benefit or even make the product worse. You mention numerous other examples. Another one is that serious errors in official courses seem to go unfixed for long periods of time. Just doesn’t inspire confidence that Decks won’t be garbage or that I can trust the company to act sensibly and do right by paying customers.

All the same, I appreciate Kevin responding in this forum.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #1020

Practising vocabulary is not a race there’s no advantages of the timer at all but since I’m for giving all users the choice I’m not with removing it completely people should be able to able and disable it.



This Week

Invitation to the community to discuss “Decks” hosted by Ed Cooke

Thursday, March 7th at 7pm
Memrise, 3-5 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX

nearest stations:
Liverpool Street (Mainline, Central, Hammersmith & City, Circle, Metropolitan)
Aldgate East (District, Hammersmith & City)

I will be attending.

Also attending @scmelville @tommcb @silentshuffle

May attend @houssam.alissaed

Anyone else in London/ Willing to travel to London?

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #1022

By the way, if someone missed this post by Kevin from Memrise team


Thanks for highlighting Kevin’s post.

(Neo268) #1024

I also would like to participate this discuss, but I live in Poland and don’t have opportunity to be able in London this time and not Muttersprachler in Englisch :frowning:

but also want to speak about:

  1. offline mode
  2. mobile app for android
  3. Pro Version for use of offline and app for community created courses
  4. how to modify course, which I contribute (I am not able to add columns and still waiting for reply here Please add columns in course - admin deleted account, i'm only contributour ), last time I waited about one month for action.
  5. how administrations can help course creators and contributors of abandoned courses.

Thank you for attention :smiley:

(Kevin Memrise) #1025

Hi @DW7 we sent users an email and in-app message, which linked to a webpage with further information on Decks, in all languages. We kept the forum announcement and FAQs in English though to make it easier to respond to questions.

I saw you said that you didn’t receive an email about this, which is puzzling. I’ve asked our CRM team to look into that

(DW7) #1026

Hi @kevin5284, I am pretty sure I haven’t had an email - I did search before reporting that. If you know when it was sent I’ll double check.

Although I don’t use the app much, I have been using it a bit just to check I can still access User courses as well as your Italian ones on the App, but have not seen any messages pop up.

(Kevin Memrise) #1027

Just in reply to this earlier question from @DW7 - yes contributors will be transferred to Decks along with their courses and will automatically have the same editing and maintenance rights

(Amanda Norrsken) #1028

Kevin is an absolute STAR! He has - to my knowledge - never once lost his cool or become snarky or mean, but has always responded to the posts he has answered in a cool and objective way - “saklig” or “sachlich”, as the Swedes or Germans would respectively say - and I really really admire him for that.

It cannot have been easy to be in his shoes the last couple of weeks.

(khx333) #1029

Yes, Kevin is good. I’m glad someone from Memrise took responsibility for us content users/creators.

(Cervier) #1030

Continuing the discussion from Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses:

I’m currently learning Russian and I’m on course 6 of the 7 offered by Memrise. So if I understand this change, after I finish course 7 there’s no point for me to renew my subscription (which conveniently expire in April). Like so many other people have commented before, no offline mode for Deck is a complete deal breaker for me (I pay the pro subscription exclusively for the offline mode). Guess I just saved a couple of bucks. Thanks.

(Cherub721) #1031

Would it be possible for you to let us know when this will be totally rolled out, and how long you expect the beta period to be? I have to say it has been extremely frustrating to have a big change dropped without even an actual date for the changes other than “mid-March.” As you can see on the forums, many of us have spent time saving and archiving our courses as a preventive measure. I would really like to know how long my stuff is going to remain on A few days? Six months? Will my mems transfer over? What if I made them for an official course? What about the course forums? Will they still be here on or will there be a set of course forums for Decks? Thank you for your help.

(Amanda Norrsken) #1032

As far as I understand it, as from midmarch, memrise will split up into two different entities: the official memrise courses will remain on the app, but won’t be on Decks, the continuation of the memrise website. Decks will contain only community courses and - if all goes well - it should work the same way as the website does now for our courses. So, as from mid-March, you won’t find any of your courses on the app.

That is a good question! As far as I understand it, the mems you made for community courses will transfer over. The mems you made for official courses are only visible to you anyway, and I would imagine they will still be on the app when you log in with your log-in details.

I will try to find the thread where I asked about the forums as @kevin5284 has already answered these questions on that thread. Here it is:

(Mme Méchante) #1033

My 2c for what they are worth.

I am a high school language teacher and every year I sign up 200+ of my own students to Memrise. Under 3 different accounts since 2013 I have created over 100 courses and introduced Memrise to the two schools I have worked in and sung it’s praises at every state and national language conference I have presented at - last year for example that was on 5 different occasions to audiences of up to 150. I have promoted Memrise on Facebook groups and other online forums and to say that I am disappointed in the latest decisions is an understatement.

The almost complete lack of updates to the course creation functionality over the years has been frustrating, but at the same time it worked well enough to live with and given it’s a free service I was ok with that. I have had a pro account since 2014 although I barely use Memrise myself because I wanted to support the site as it provided such a valuable resource for my students. Being able to have unlisted courses has been fantastic as I’ve been able to keep courses just for use by my own students and track their progress easily (before groups existed!), and I was there when groups were created and under another account have group numbers in the 20s as I was so quick to make use of the feature.

Now I have signed up a new cohort of 200 students just 6 weeks ago and suddenly I find the world is about to change. I did not receive any email about the changes to this account and this is the one I have pro on. I can understand the diverging paths of official vs community courses, and th desire to separate them out. What I DON’T accept is the lack of an app for Decks, my students simply will not use the website or mobile site version, and there goes over 5 years of carefully curated courses and learning methods tied directly to Memrise. It was a shame when offline mode became a paid feature but we coped with that. No app at all? We will have to move to another platform because it just won’t work and we will go from kids being excited to do their homework to frustrated and annoyed.

I agree completely with what other users have almost unanimously said about the value of community language courses - I wouldn’t touch an official Memrise course with a ten foot pole simply because the level of language proficiency I am at/wanting to maintain or develop is far beyond the introductory courses on offer. I purchased pro and have kept it for all this time even though I don’t use it because I wanted to support the features I did use and value highly BUT going forward what is the point? All the courses I would have studied won’t be on Memrise and no features will help me on the basic Decks model.

In short, there needs to be an App for Decks, and a reason for those with Pro membership who don’t use official Memrise courses to KEEP that membership. Have you run that data?

(Xicious) #1034

Mobile friendly website worries me, due to the nature of the courses and the fact that I want the tactile feedback from typing I do all my memrising on computers. I can only hope that mobile friendly includes “also usable on computers”

I have already been starting to dislike memrise more and more and I really only use it at this point because there is no better alternative for the precise learning experience I want. Please don’t alienate your users even further.

(Petr R Skupad8) #1035

I am really surprised about that. It doesn’t look like that You know about that at all.

You know, not only it fills the gap for more advanced users… it also fills the gap of complementary use cases … so it was lovely to combine Memrise created course with some vocabulary focused one (I learn many languages in order to understand, not in orders to chat).

Memrise Community x Decks Forum Restructuring
(Petr R Skupad8) #1036

It depends on signal. App is much mire smooth on irregular signal … website just loads and loads and loads and when it is almost liaded it snaps - telling me, weeell snap! there is no signal, try later. It is infuriating. I can sometimes use webbased learning, but I cannot depend on it.

The inability to test myself in time, every day - breaks down the streaks and takes away the gamification-> challenging yourself to fulfill the commitment every day.

(I often happen to do so, just minutes before midnight… heck! Even just seconds before the midnight :laughing:) I need it to work smoothly well :-))

Moreover… I sometimes prefer it to have the full keyboard

But most of the time it is too messy on the small screen of mobile.

Especially with foreign languages with special characters- I unable to type them swiftly- and it bores me to death (looking like a mole on keyboard trying to find the character I need)