Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

(レールガン) #997

You’re welcome ^^ Let’s see how many people vote though I’ve already cancelled Memrise Pro and deleted my account. But still, it’d a shame if memrise continues with the idea of splitting up.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #998

If Decks is not profitable it would be the end of community courses.

(Fisher Lanham55) #999

Decks cannot be profitable. They are offering it as a free service for some very odd reason (apparently out of respect for us old users), but then simultaneously cutting the most important functionality from it (app and offline support). Bizarre.

(khx333) #1000

Yes, it costs money to run a busy web site so this is confusing, too, especially as many of us didn’t mind paying Pro for custom content.

(鯉の夢) #1001

It’s not confusing. They’re putting us to the side to die or fly by our own wings, and they probably know full well without the app and support we’ll move on. I mean, tech is only going to get better year after year, and they’re just shoving us off in a dingy raft. It’s a life raft. It’s up to all us in it to find our way after this.

I mean, I guess, thanks for the life raft, while all us download the courses into Anki or something similar. But with no app, no support, and no way to make money, this ship isn’t going anywhere but to the bottom.

(Frank00) #1002

It’s only for android. You can import your course even if the language is not listed. You import in Anki and then in Memorion. If you don’t have any other option you can purchase a cheap android tablet. You can also contact the developer for informations.

(Mush01) #1003

Just chiming in to join others in saying that I do not understand why you’re doing this.

I, too, only pay for Memrise so I can have offline access to minority languages, so you’re removing any impetus I have to continue paying for your product (fortunately my subscription is up in April - I won’t be renewing.)

All that you’ve done from my point of view is a) make it harder for me to access the content I want, and b) remove any reason for me to keep paying you. I really do not see what you’re trying to achieve?


Wow! 99 Voters so far! Thanks! :blush:

(Kevin Memrise) #1005

Hi @Rody yes Decks will retain that option


Good to read that @kevin5284. I’ve got a couple of incomplete private courses so it’s good to know they will remain that way. Thanks for announcing this new development rather than just dropping it on us. I’m always a little nervous about changes to functionality of any service I use, but hopefully things will work out OK. I hope the Memrise roadplan is rolling forward according to your plans.

(Vikestart) #1007

I’ve got a question: How will levels, words learned and points be handled when Decks is launched? Will these be synced across Memrise and Decks, or will there be separate levels and points for each site?

I couldn’t find anything in the FAQ to answer this. :thinking:

(Kevin Memrise) #1008

@Vikestart yes there will be separate levels, words learned and points on each site for your user. Here’s a bit more info on how that will work.

Imagine you have 20,000 points or words learned when Decks goes live. Both Decks and Memrise will show the same total. Then, after the beta period when community courses are removed from Memrise and only on Decks, the 20,000 number will move on a different trajectory on each site depending on your learning on each site. If you get 1,000 points one week on official courses then your Memrise total will be 21,000, and if you get 2,000 points on community courses then your Decks total will be 22,000.

Hope that helps

(Hugoestr18) #1009

I am very sad about the change. The community courses is what set Memrise apart from the other language app. Last year I had a choice of using Babble for Norwegian or Memrise. I picked memrise because it would give me access to Finnish and Nahuatl. I paid the subscription so that I could work on them offline. I switch around those languages, and recently I had been focusing more on Finnish and Nahuatl.

I have already cancelled my pro account to send the right economic signal. The two reasons why I picked memrise, community courses and offline access, are gone.

I agree with the many people who said that it didn’t have to be like this. Had you split the apps and ask us to pay for Decks, I would have kept my subscription.

If there is a change of heart, I will come back. In the mean time, thank you for providing a great service for so many years. I am deeply sad that you chose to destroy a company this way. I wish you good luck for the sake of the workers of memrise. Hopefully your new product will replace the cancellations and will allow you to prosper.

(Sunny Annie) #1010

I am also very sad about this development. Some time ago, I learned Norwegian and Spanish with Babbel and discovered then the great community created courses. There were so many helpful and various courses available, that one year ago I decided to learn exclusive with Memrise and give the developers some money to improve the app - I purchased a lifetime pro account. I loved all the diversity in memrise and despite with all the annoying changes the app and its users had to endure I stick with Memrise. Because just these many great community courses - THESE make the difference. Not your own memrise basic courses. These are comparable with Babbel or Rosetta Stone (both tried). I loved learning with the android app. I had normally used the offline feature, but with all the problems such as not counting streaks or audio not working properly I gave it up and just learned online with your app.
I REALLY DISLIKE the web page, because I think it is not really user friendly and I don’t like the timer. You have not enough time to think about the proper answer if there are really long sentences to read and translate. It kind of stresses me and that is really not the feeling that I want to have while learning languages.

@kevin5284 will there be a timer on decks? And if it will be, is there an option to turn it off?

Decks is already such a bad idea without app and offline support so pls let there be no timer! I really regret having paid the lifetime pro account… Unfortunately there is no way to get my money back :frowning:

(Mila) #1011

Hi @SunnyAnnie , I’m a user like you :slight_smile:
In an earlier post, Kevin5284 answered a question about the timer:

(Patrizia To) #1012

Este cambio me desconcierta mucho. Acabo de adquirir Memrise Premium Anual y fue precisamente por los cursos hechos por la comunidad que lo adquirí. A mi parecer aún mejores en cuestión de vocabulario que los hechos por Memrise. ¡¡Y ahora los quieren quitar de la aplicación para dejarlos en una simple página web!! . A mi parecer eso no es “darles el lugar que se meceren” (como dicen en su correo de notificación). Los están desacreditando. Que mal que ya no podré usar la app para seguir mejorando. Me siento muy mal por esta decisión.

(DW7) #1013

Possible (computer) translation of @PatriziaTo’s post:

This change puzzles me a lot. I just acquired Annual Memrise Premium and it was precisely because of the courses made by the community that I acquired it. In my opinion, even better in terms of vocabulary than those made by Memrise. And now they want to remove them from the application to leave them in a simple web page !! . In my opinion that is not “give them the place to rock” (as they say in their notification mail). They are discrediting them. Too bad that I can not use the app to continue improving. I feel very bad for this decision.

Thank you for your comment and apologies if it isn’t 100% correct as I don’t speak Spanish and I used a translator.

(DW7) #1014

Hi @MemriseSupport @kevin5284, have you posted a translation of this announcement in all languages - either in “Announcements” or under the Language ‘tree’?

(Holly Gates22) #1015

What is astounding to me is that the damn timer has been on the website since the day I joined several years ago. People have been complaining about it for literally years and asking for a way to disable it (luckily there was a user script). It is this exact issue I have in mind when I receive the news about Decks website with great pessimism.

I mean, how can you say you try to listen to users concerns when this timer thing has been annoying people for literally years? Think of all the lame ass changes that have been put in the last two years (ziggy, etc.), when this super simple issue which was reported many times by frustrated issues has gone completely unaddressed. Just this one basic thing that would surely take very little time to fix has gone on festering for so long. It makes me have zero confidence that the new website will be helpful.

(Lena) #1016

The announcement letter I received on Feb 20 was translated into my language (though we don’t know how many users were emailed by Memrise authorities, maybe only course creators).