Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

(Crazy Dave2345) #976

The solution: make Pro required to learn on the Memrise app while separating the Decks website. From a technical perspective this would allow infrastructure to be separated and everyone would be better off.

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Hi @JamesLu Re :

You should be able to “vote in” contributors to a course so we don’t have to rely on Memrise inc to do it.

A Creator or Contributor can BUT the problem arises when the Creator is not around and there are no existing Contributors either.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #978

probably, please propose that to the team (I don’t use the app, so…; I even built my own alternative to memrise, although I don’t yet like it very much - the alternative)

I have no idea, as I said what I said from the perspective of a company (part) owner who’s trying to maintain a certain product.

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But I live in Scotland… So close, but still too far for my little legs!

D :

edit: Willing to travel if can make arrangements. Will keep updated.

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I’m going to have to add my voice to the list of users.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t change Memrise!

People come here for the community created decks and rely on the app to study while on the move!

Please make your community created courses more accessible, and teach people how to make their own personal decks. Not hide away the community driven learning!

This is a HUGE mistake!

(Fisher Lanham55) #981

I would love to come to the event that Memrise has offered. That’s a really good sign. I hope some quality people go, and I hope they listen to our feedback.

I sadly cannot go because I live across the Channel, and work in the week. I am very opinionated about this though, and wish I could be there !

(Jeffyb7) #982

Interesting that they are having an event. I wonder what could come of it. Unfortunely I live in Japan, so it’s just a little too far for me. Hope some people can make it!

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #983

I don’t expect anything to change with the meeting it’s one week before Decks is launched but I respect the people who’s going to meet Memrise representatives.

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I’ve set up a poll:


Ok. People really dislike Decks. (I do too. :wink: ) But look at this poll I made…

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

(Daringu) #987

I spent a lot of time creating my own courses and studying courses, created by other members. And now you tell me that I will not able to use memrise app and my purcheased pro version because of these “innovation”? Please, think about it one more time. I really loved your app and I use it everyday.

(レールガン) #988

Link to your poll please. Wanna vote!

(Pochojoel) #989

This change of splitting the user made courses from the Memrise made courses is frustrating for many reasons. As some background, I have been using Memrise since 2013 and have constantly been sending others to it as I saw it as much better than traditional flashcards and the spaced repetition aspect made it seem more effective than other apps like Quizlet.

I have created vocabulary courses in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English for myself and for friends learning all of those languages. When my sister was moving to South America for over a year, I spent hours and hours making her a Spanish course, so that I could help her learn a language I care dearly about even when I wasn’t with her. Last year as a brand new ESL teacher, I found out my students had been using Duolingo as a suplimental resource for when the children had subs or extra time in class. Upon looking at the courses my students were taking, I realized they were not learning vocabulary useful or relevant to teenagers who had recently immigrated to the US, so once more I spent hours and hours created an English course for them. Many of them had limited or no internet at home, so being able to download this course on their smartphone, using wifi and then being able to practice English whenever they needed to was a huge blessing. I also made courses for friends while living in Brazil, to help them learn English, a skill they desperately wanted to learn but couldn’t afford to the traditional way. They too have limited internet on their phones and often didn’t have wifi at home, which made downloading courses such a god sent.

In my personal language learning endeavors, I used Memrise all through college while majoring in Spanish Translation and Interpretation. In my language classes, I was often complimented by my teachers who wondered how I learned the vocabulary in class so quickly and well, and I would honestly tell them that it was in large part thanks to Memrise and my ability to create personal courses for what I was studying.

I love what this website, app, and community stands for, hell, I even bought a lifetime subscription t because I saw it as good investment of my money. If you have to split the courses made by Memrise from the courses made by users, I understand and respect that, however taking away our ability to download courses is honestly a big fuck you to everyone that has spent their hours and money and given support to Memrise, especially those of us that were here before you made it big and won best app on the Google Play Store and who continue to stick around. Taking away my ability to download courses makes the many hours of my life I spent planning out vocabulary courses for students and friends, typing them up, taking the time to find MP3 recordings of native speakers on Forvo, and requesting whenever a word or phrase wasn’t there a huge waste. You’ve put a lot into developing this language learning platform, and we have put a lot into making it a vast database full of precious information. I guess what I am trying to say is, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Amidst my frustration and confusion, I would like to end with a few suggestions for what you should seriously consider if you want to keep the loyalty and business of customers like me and well as future customers through referrals. As an interpreter and translator, I am often asked by friends, acquaintances and family members, what my go to language app is. Up until now I have sent them here, and my honest hope is to keep things that way. That being said, here are some options I think you should consider…


  1. Subscribing customers are the lifeblood of your company, if nothing else let them keep courses they have created on Memrise. It can be a private course on just their account that no one else can see or access, but that way we don’t lose the ability to download courses that we put so much time into creating.
  2. Give users the ability to extract an Excel Spreadsheet (or some other widely used format) version of courses they have made. This way we can have a copy of the course we’ve created, and decide if we want to keep it with Memrise decks, or move it to another platform, such as Anki or Quizlet.
  3. Consider the possibility of having the full funcionality of decks on the website, but the ability to just download the flash cards onto your phone or the Memrise app for users. Even if they didn’t have any of the special features like audio mode, difficult words, speed review, etc having a downloaded copy of vocabulary you are learning is very helpful for people with limited access to internet, as well as for traveling. (I travel a lot and downloading courses has been a lifesaver when I’m on a plane or out of the country and can’t use my data on my phone.)
  4. My final suggestion would be in the future to reach out to the community and ask about possibilities you are thinking about first, rather than making a decision and then having to deal with the reaction afterwards. Ziggy is a great example of this. If you had been straightforward and let us know you were thinking about it, I guarantee that many people would have suggested using the money you did to pay an artist and others to integrate it in the website, you could have added videos of natives speaking to your Brazilian Portuguese course, or some other course that has yet to receive that feature. We understand you are growing and learning and that changes will be made, but ultimately Memrise is a business and if you don’t talk to your customers and make sure that the majority of them are on board with what you’re doing, you risk losing everything. Just look at Yik Yak, and what happened to them. They had a very popular app that was used by college students all around the U.S. because of the anonymity factor, and it looked like it might become as big as other social media contenders like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Then, without any previous discussion or warning the app administrators made a decision to suddenly require everyone to have a registered avatar with a username and seemingly overnight Yik Yak lost a huge portion of its user base (myself included.) After realizing the reaction and seeing the fall out, they eventually fixed their mistake making usernames optional for posting, but the decision was made to late and they suffered serious consequences because of it. They lost so many users, who never came back that they had to lay off 60% of their staff, and eventually shut the app down completely. Now, Memrise is infinitely more useful and important than Yik Yak ever was, and I truly hope that it continues to grow and help more and more users be able to learn languages and expand their horizons. That being said, not taking into account the importance of talking to your users and finding out their feelings and ideas before making substantial changes can have extreme consequences that could have been avoided. So keep us in the loop. I appreciate Memrise’s decision to tell us about Decks before implementing them, but asking for people’s opinions on a possibility rather than announcing an already decided change would have gone over much better for everyone.

Finally, I hope you can see how much I love Memrise and I just want the best for you as a company and for us as the people who use your services. I know this is one of many comments on this thread and perhaps you won’t be able to respond to my opinions in their entirety, that being said, I would appreciate some sort of acknowledgement that my feedback has been heard, and my suggestions will at least be brought up among those making this big decision.

(Kanjianer) #990

I love Memrise and I think the people writing here do it too. However, what made Memrise unique from all the 1000 other Language websites, are the Community created courses. This is why I really have no idea why this was your decision. Memrise will become an App/Website like many others. Sure you may get some “Language Learners” which learn a language in only 5mins per day!!!(Duolingo)But you will probably lose everything which made your website so great.

The site Decks in my vision will be a graveyard for all the Community created courses.No offline mode so everyone which lives in rural areas even in First world countries won’t be available to learn. Which is a complete No-go for a company of your size. Also, people which live in Internet censored countries won’t be available to learn without their computer to use a VPN server. (or only with a super slow connection)

What we need is not a murder of the old Memrise but a big improvement in Custom Course Creation and maybe other learning modes/learning algorithm.

I really hope that Memrise will be successful not only for the money pocket but also for the user size.

(Kanjianer) #991

Hey pochojoel, I completely agree on everything you said.
The user “wilddom” (also wrote in this thread here) made a script which grabs the vocab and audio and transfers it into an Anki deck

If you have a problem with it head to Reddit r/Memrise or r/Language Learning

(Grauroterschuh79) #992

Just went through the trouble of activating the accounts for the forums to subscribe to what the vast majority of people have already said: User created courses combined with the functionality of Memrise (especially the app and the offline option for subscribers) are what makes Memrise great.

Since I exclusively use the app and accessing tap-heavy websites via the browser is a pain and just frustrating (or infuriating even) this is goodbye for me. Shame, really.

(Rody) #993

I have an actual question about Decks. Will user-created courses retain the possibily of staying private, like personal courses are now?


@11145 Here’s the link! :smiley: . Decks

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Thanks ^^ I also shared it on twitter and facebook.


Wow! Thanks. :blush: Happy Memrising :tada: