Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

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Do you remember for ex the endless complaints that came from more or less prude, dishonest or honest or etcetctetc people, complaining about “offensive” mems, “offensive” profiles, “offensive” links links and what ever, appearing as such in the community created courses??? (I personally warned at the time about the nefarious results of such endless complaining).

as company trying to offer a product to small kiddies (from certain prude places) as well, I do bloody hell separate my main product and keep it free from such “offensive’” stuff, and leave the other site to the “adults in the room’”. And the liability for the adult stuff lies with the respective user and not the company, who does not dare to charge one for such “offensive” stuff. And such decision is pleasing to the ears of the “recent and greedy investor” who just gave 15 mill to memrise. A separate site and app for the in-house courses means complete control over the app and the site, finally.

The only point that remains in discussion is: what does the respective company earn from keeping up and improving such site and such app (Decks), and how does this company earn at least the costs to keep it runing? I do strongly suspect that the number of paying pro for community courses is not as big at it seems in here, and does not really bring too much profit.

Simple logic, yeah?

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It’s not all the community courses are like that and not like memrise official courses are amazing with useless sentences like “I don’t like Hentai”.Why the hell would I use that sentence as a beginner.

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I’m not a software dev, just a mathematician, but… I’ve known a few of those creatures. I don’t see any reason for a second site. We’ve all seen plenty of websites that are super advanced and make current memrise look like it wants to crawl back into the 90’s. Saying it is for “overhead” is either the software devs admitting they’re clueless, or, more likely, the money pigs are saying they want to max-min the equations, and real language learning isn’t as important as $$$ and tons of subscribers who forget they have an account here.

A million users who know half the hiragana, 5 kanji, and a dozen phrases they’ll never use, but - importantly - forget their account here are worth so much more money than a small number of people who are and have become fully bilingual or more here.

As far as kiddos, there are again simple solutions, age restrictions, moderators, punishments for users who step out of line… we worked those things out in the 90’s.

There is no reason to actually cut this out to another site, other than one: they plan to ax it for the sake of money. Which is a shame, as someone who lived in Japan for years, studied in college a year of Japanese, this was some of the best material - and I’m not talking about the official courses. The user created courses are gold, and not very long ago, I planned to help make those in the near future for more advanced subject matter - especially since I plan to apply for a masters degree over there in Japanese lit and will have a ton to share I believe.

A thousand deep comment threat can’t hide the obvious fact: they’re going to destroy user created content for the sake of money for the money pigs. We’re a tool inside a product, not people learning languages.

$$$ toxic. EDIT: I cussed. Sorry. Capitalism is still pure evil.


@400b21369ad55d756773 Such a damn shame too, memrise was and still is the best website to learn, although we’re looking at the final days of this being the case by the look of it.

Edit: Capitalism is the best economic system there is. Socialism does not work.

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It’s not capitalism’s fault. As always, it’s just some incompetent people who get to decide things they have little idea about.
I mean to say, even if we assume that a capitalist is someone necessarily aiming for the profits and profits alone, they wouldn’t do such a silly thing. Memrise, given its size, is still somewhere in the area where the fastest way to get stable raise in income is to grow user base.

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Many thanks @Milamy but those threads seem to be only about the Forums (ie here) not the automatic Contributor rights to courses but I did add a possible pending answer from @kevin5284

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Is it possible to write a file with cards and learning progress directly from the app or website?

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Another Question:

As people are pointing out that community courses offer such breadth and follow on …

Qu: Will MemRise advertise a link to Decks language courses once course 7 (or after each one) is completed?


This agrees with @amanda-norrsken post just seen.

And @kevin5284’s reply

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the blog post claims the vast majority of users use official memrise courses. I have an EXTREMELY difficult time believing this. At least it doesn’t show in the forum AT ALL; and the official courses are very limited. It also claimed they’ve talked to us for hundreds of hours before making this decision. This, of course, can not not be anything other than a lie. And when the CEO of your favourite company lies to you like that, it REALLY hurts…
Also, when a user pointed out that memrise changed its Terms of Agreement without any notifications it makes me wonder. Should we perhaps make this a legal case? There seem to be a lot of mistakes and holes in Memrise’s conduct. I am willing to let a legal professional look at this whole mess. At the very least we could force memrise’s hand a little bit.
We have spent thousands of hours together helping memrise become a fantastic website and get a lot of money with all of our user-created contents. And now memrise wants to ditch us. Perhaps there is some intellectual property rights or something?


Isharr. If you were to be banned. Then it wouldn’t go down so well. As everyone can have an opinion, and if Memrise bans someone for expressing their opinion. People would find it unfair and really go on about it as everyone can have their say. No-one should be allowed to drown out your voice just because you’re irritated. As y’know, free speech and all. :confused:

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Free speech doesn’t make you exempt from criticism, but it would be bad to be penalized for stating your opinion on this.

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People can and should have an opinion. But they can not be rude (or use offensive language), even if they are angry. The community / forum is mainly made up of users, and if a person is rude, compels us all to read your offensive posts.

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“have an opinion, as long as it’s positive”


Fair point, but there are no “positive” views towards Decks. Yes, offensive language isn’t permitted but it’s still irritating how they’re ignoring us, that’s why the curse words are being said, but still shouldn’t be said.

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I’m replying to @amanda-norrsken

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That’ why I suggest shifting to tools such as Anki. Though it is not exactly the sameas Memrise particularly in terms of sharing a course and their updates with many people at once, its main advantage over Memrise is that being an open source, the chances of some greedy pig willing to degrade it for the sake of theirown profit are rather lower.

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Hi everyone, Ed, our CEO, has extended an invitation to talk about Decks, in another forum thread where this was being discussed:

This is to take place next Thursday, March 7, at 7 pm in the Memrise offices, located in London. Are any of you in the area then, and would like to attend?

Demand (Request) of subscribers


Details and list of those confirmed to be attending (so far) are:

Invitation to the community to discuss “Decks” hosted by Ed Cooke

Thursday, March 7th at 7pm
Memrise, 3-5 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX

nearest stations:
Liverpool Street (Mainline, Central, Hammersmith & City, Circle, Metropolitan)
Aldgate East (District, Hammersmith & City)

I will be attending.

Also attending @scmelville @tommcb @silentshuffle

Anyone else in London/ Willing to travel to London?

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I live/work in London and would be happy to attend if you need more representation of the (for mer) pro users.

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You should be able to “vote in” contributors to a course so we don’t have to rely on Memrise inc to do it.