Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

People can and should have an opinion. But they can not be rude (or use offensive language), even if they are angry. The community / forum is mainly made up of users, and if a person is rude, compels us all to read your offensive posts.


“have an opinion, as long as it’s positive”

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Fair point, but there are no “positive” views towards Decks. Yes, offensive language isn’t permitted but it’s still irritating how they’re ignoring us, that’s why the curse words are being said, but still shouldn’t be said.

I’m replying to @amanda-norrsken

That’ why I suggest shifting to tools such as Anki. Though it is not exactly the sameas Memrise particularly in terms of sharing a course and their updates with many people at once, its main advantage over Memrise is that being an open source, the chances of some greedy pig willing to degrade it for the sake of theirown profit are rather lower.


Hi everyone, Ed, our CEO, has extended an invitation to talk about Decks, in another forum thread where this was being discussed:

This is to take place next Thursday, March 7, at 7 pm in the Memrise offices, located in London. Are any of you in the area then, and would like to attend?



Details and list of those confirmed to be attending (so far) are:

Invitation to the community to discuss “Decks” hosted by Ed Cooke

Thursday, March 7th at 7pm
Memrise, 3-5 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX

nearest stations:
Liverpool Street (Mainline, Central, Hammersmith & City, Circle, Metropolitan)
Aldgate East (District, Hammersmith & City)

I will be attending.

Also attending @scmelville @tommcb @silentshuffle

Anyone else in London/ Willing to travel to London?


I live/work in London and would be happy to attend if you need more representation of the (for mer) pro users.


You should be able to “vote in” contributors to a course so we don’t have to rely on Memrise inc to do it.


The solution: make Pro required to learn on the Memrise app while separating the Decks website. From a technical perspective this would allow infrastructure to be separated and everyone would be better off.

Hi @JamesLu Re :

You should be able to “vote in” contributors to a course so we don’t have to rely on Memrise inc to do it.

A Creator or Contributor can BUT the problem arises when the Creator is not around and there are no existing Contributors either.

probably, please propose that to the team (I don’t use the app, so…; I even built my own alternative to memrise, although I don’t yet like it very much - the alternative)

I have no idea, as I said what I said from the perspective of a company (part) owner who’s trying to maintain a certain product.

But I live in Scotland… So close, but still too far for my little legs!

D :

edit: Willing to travel if can make arrangements. Will keep updated.

I’m going to have to add my voice to the list of users.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t change Memrise!

People come here for the community created decks and rely on the app to study while on the move!

Please make your community created courses more accessible, and teach people how to make their own personal decks. Not hide away the community driven learning!

This is a HUGE mistake!


I would love to come to the event that Memrise has offered. That’s a really good sign. I hope some quality people go, and I hope they listen to our feedback.

I sadly cannot go because I live across the Channel, and work in the week. I am very opinionated about this though, and wish I could be there !


Interesting that they are having an event. I wonder what could come of it. Unfortunely I live in Japan, so it’s just a little too far for me. Hope some people can make it!

I don’t expect anything to change with the meeting it’s one week before Decks is launched but I respect the people who’s going to meet Memrise representatives.


I’ve set up a poll:

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Ok. People really dislike Decks. (I do too. :wink: ) But look at this poll I made…

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I spent a lot of time creating my own courses and studying courses, created by other members. And now you tell me that I will not able to use memrise app and my purcheased pro version because of these “innovation”? Please, think about it one more time. I really loved your app and I use it everyday.