Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

That’s not the case, I’ve exported a course from Memrise to Anki, complete with the audio files.


There is a multiple choice add-on
I’m not sure how/if it works, haven’t used it myself. But it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Also, yes, you can export the audio, but as I said before, it’s a bit tricky.

I tried it yesterday but when I want to modify a flashcard I’m getting an error because of the add-on.

Can you elaborate? I’ve tried that twice, without success. Maybe it’s that stupid person in front of my monitor!

So, don’t forget to also assign “Audio” to “Front”

Would there be interest for me to implement saving all audio files on disk as well? (in the exporter I linked to above)

My ProMembership just renewed, the day before you announced this change. How can I get a refund! I will not be using Memrise now since a specific member created course is the only one I need or want. It is very frustrating that there is no way to contact Memrise about billing!

I’ll stick with lexilize as my alternative to memrise it’s offline and have the typing test and paring(so it’s kinda similar to multiple choice).There’s no community courses but I’m sure there’s a way to export words from Anki and import it to lexilize.The creators seem to heard users too there’s an email where you can suggest features you would like to have.


Haha, no problem, I was a little puzzled as well, took me a few rounds of exporting to get it working properly.

First off, just so there’s no confusion since there seems to be a couple of add ons being thrown around here, I used this one:

It has been updated to use Anki 2.1, so I got the latest version of Anki, downloaded the zip in from the github page, and extracted it into the addons folder.

After restarting there should be a new menu item under tools, “Import Memrise Course”.
Select that, and provide your memrise credentials. If it connects successfully then you’ll get a new window titled “Import Memrise Course”
Select “Create New” from the dropdown, then get the URL of the course page from the memrise website, and paste it in the text field.
I left the digits at 2, because I’m not entirely sure what it’s referring to
There is a checkbox titled “Download Media Files”; we want this ticked!
Then hit OK and wait. Depending on the size of your course it could take a while, but that’s a good thing because it probably means it’s downloading your media files.

You can check if it’s downloading them by going to your anki media folder. For me this is:
C:\Users[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Anki2[Profile Name]\


I transferred my 6000 word deck to anki today, it’s saved the scheduling and it all seems to be working fine.It’s non typing by default but if you’re willing to spend a bit of time on the tutorial vids on youtube you can set it up as typing as well, which is what i’ve just done. very pleased with the results.

An added bonus is that the the stats on anki are very in-depth and actually mean something, so for the first time, I can get an idea of how spaced out my cards are etc.

Goodbye memrise!


To those who will stick with Pro on Memrise, don’t expect long term commitment to their services on their side based on what is going on just now.


I would count myself as a “trusted user”, too, and would be happy if existing course contributors could have the possibility to remove mems and edit mems containing errors.

Is there any chance that trusted users could be given these facilities?


No, unfortunately it will not. The application updates its list of courses from the internet - and kaboom!

You can test it. Remove any course from the website (that what will be done effectively server-side after the great wall is built) - and it is automatically removed from the app, without any update from the playstore.

There is, in the FAQs, I think.

A question for @kevin5284

Will the existence of the sister site, “Decks”, be publicised in any way on the main memrise app or web-based version?

It has been my observation that learners who went through the 7 memrise Swedish courses then added “my” courses, the four-part series, “8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words”.

Is there any way that people who use the memrise app will even know that Decks exists and would provide a way for them to continue their learning after completing the memrise courses in a given language?


yes, funny to read how they try to convince people that the mobile friendly website will do it but don’t say that there will be no offline mode anymore

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Here in US unlimited data rates are not unlimited with most plans, when a limit is hit the rates are high. Off-line is really required for audio playback when you are on a wifi network and so on.

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Am I the only one who thinks it is actually pretty cool that our community courses will be supported by a FREE website?

The memrise CEOs could have just shut down our courses completely!

So, to be honest, even though I am not hugely happy about this decision, I think it could have been a lot worse.


@owlielovesbooks we’ll be restructuring the forum for Decks and Memrise related content, so all the community threads will be within the Decks section.

And your Memrise username and password will work for Decks, you won’t need to create a separate one


@jjjhorn I’m sorry to hear that. Please send a message to our Support team about this