Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

i know there are good courses but i tend to mostly find those bad ones :frowning: i didnt wanna slap you in the face sorry. Yes i generalise. I dont wanna hurt you by that. Of course i respect those good teachers but there are also many bad teachers.

aww, someone replied to my post O.O nice

Well, maybe good teachers should stay on the official site :slight_smile: And the bad go to the decks. this is my personal opinion.
Oh, wait i am a bad teacher… Please don’t look at my course. It should die slowly…

official courses are on “high level” because thousands of users cared about posting mistakes and suggestions for improvement. And as I am taking some memrise courses, I can tell that the Norwegian ones are full of mistakes, the new Spanish also has a lot of inconsistencies, as well the new Japanese. Less mistake prone seems only the new Mandarin

i got fed up very fast with the Portuguese, Italian and the rest of the “official” ones. I got too bored with…

that course, your own, you can delete it any time.

still questions? (i have been on memrise since 2013, do not ask about that duolingo stuff, i never used that)


I would like to thank the Memrise leadership for pushing me into investing a little bit of time to set up Anki. I used a Memrise to Anki exporter plugin for Anki freely available on GitHub. After some adjustments to the cards and courses I’m now able to study in a much more efficient manner using Anki. I really like in Anki that you can put several courses (decks) under a main deck. It’s then possible to categorise your courses and study all cards in a specific main deck at once instead of going through courses one after another. Anki also works offline.

I’m much happier with the free Anki service than the paid for Memrise service. I was a hardcore Memrise user with almost 10 000 learned items and had created serveral courses.

Best regards


I can’t say you are wrong so you are right.

Anki is good but its UI needs to be fixed so it’s more user-friendly.

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Please can you add a link to the Forum at the bottom of the course pages.


Decks :

The More Column is missing.


I see you have FAQ & Help, but this is NOT the Forum.

Please could you also mention and link to the Forum underneath as that would be helpful.


The FAQ & Help links to the Decks section of the forum. This is the URL:


… and when you get there, just click on 3%20bars%20on%20Decks in the top right corner to get to the other areas of the forum.


Thank you @MemriseMatty for your reply and @alanh for clarification.

… and when you get there, just click on … in the top right corner to get to the other areas of the forum.

I did find that one could get there by “Browse all categories” at the bottom, but my point was a request to make it much clearer for new people (we both have been around for ages and are adventurous).

At present it clearly says “Forum(in addition to FAQ & Help) on the MemRise pages and people may be looking for that link at the bottom of the Decks pages.


Perhaps a compromise (aka clarification) could be to put

See Forum Categories for further information” with a link below “There are no more Decks FAQ topics”.


Why isn’t the new design announced by MemRise in the Forum? Cc @edcooke

But it is announced here:

Here are some threads about it:

New design

What IS it? New design happened too fast


Will they be porting over to Decks the same streak-wiping-out feature that is an intrinsic part of the Memrise experience? That would probably make people feel more at home.

I could live without that feature as long as Decks is stable and keeps the nice color modes unlike the Memrise site.

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Yes, this is definitely disrespectful to many of the course creators.

A tip: If you want quality, try the longer courses instead of the short ones.

I find the longer courses to be of excellent quality, without any exception so far. Why? Because when you spend so much time creating a 5000 words long project, instead of just putting an hour or two in a short one, you really want it to be good, you put in the effort. I haven’t had any significant problems with mistakes or anything else in the long usermade courses, and they’ve lead me much further than many other vocab resources.

The official courses are trash, compared to many of the user made ones. I am actually surprised the site with the better courses will be free and the worse one paid, especially as the low level of the courses really means that even the content users will not need it after a year at most. It is weird those courses are the flagship of the Memrise company despite all the flaws.


I think this comment is a bit harsh, I wouldn’t call the official courses “trash”, they just don’t go much further than a phrase book that you might buy for holiday purposes, that’s all.

I really like the videos, for example, so you can see how someone pronounces a word or phrase, which makes it easier to work out how to imitate production of particular sounds.

There were also some courses with a pronunciation feature, which is also a cool idea: if you can’t pronounce words or phrases accurately, then you will never be able to use that language for face-to-face communication.

The community courses can offer more depth in terms of vocabulary, but the features mentioned above are only available on the official memrise courses, which does make them something special.


I’ve just looked at one of the updated courses and wrote a (too long, I procrastinated) post New Year, New Courses!

These courses are not well done. The learner could even easily acquire some mistakes, they’d better head right for some of the usermade vocab courses for beginners and another resource for grammar and the rest. From a professional course (and as Premium has recently doubled the price), I would expect attention to detail and good presentation of the content they’ve chosen to present.

If the official courses were free and the community content paid, I’d agree with you. But as the official courses are being given so much more attention and being thrown at newbie learners while the unofficial ones are being moved away, I don’t think I am being harsh.

The Premium now costs 20 dollars a month and the courses are like really bad Duolingo combined with a Youtube channel. :smiley:

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The official courses are trash…

Such isolated opinionated views are very misleading. I doubt user-made courses may attract many new users to the system. I’m sure at least 90% come and learn official courses first. Probably 99%. People are attracted with well done audio, video and extras like grammar bots, speed reviews. Sure thing, a keen learner will move to extra courses after a year or two, and no chance they will pay for just official courses for more than 2 years. But it’s official courses that drive the system and generate the user base.


The Premium now costs 20 dollars a month…

Only very lazy people don’t use very popular discount, which is $30/year.
And $60/year is a regular price.


Maybe since Memrise focused on the app, created new offical courses and hid the user generated content in the app. But it did not use to be like that. The user generated content was easy to find and very popular on the website. I also didn’t start with official Memrise courses until later.


it is not an isolated opinion… they were trash before tousands of users pointed out the mistakes and inconsequences… and NO, the most users did not start with the in-house courses. You seem a new user, or just someone who believes being an yes-person brings plenty of advantages?

and before you call other users “lazy”, why don’t you take a look at their profiles?


agree with duaal and angharad.merfin

1.Memrise has created a sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. They hid the usermade courses from the app, and then found out new users were not using them. What a surprise. The user made courses had been the main product for years and certainly a popular one, but how can they compete, when they are hidden and the main issues concerning their use (above all the broken search function and no filters in the lists at all) were never solved? The fact they are still used so much despite these obstacles is a proof of how great they are.

2.If you’d look at my post in the other thread concerning the problems in the French course, or at the comments about the Japanese course by one of the teachers using Memrise and creating their own content, you will understand where the problems are. These courses are just a bait to catch newbies, who have a good intention but know nothing about language learning, and therefore won’t notice the bad quality and problems. There have been many users pointing out tons of mistakes, that is not a sign of a paid high quality product. And the critics tend to be the more experienced users or teachers usually, those “opinionated views” are opinions of people with much more knowledge and experience than the supposed “linguists” at Memrise are showing.,audio,grammar bot,… all those things are nice. But they are of limited usefulness, when the main content is trash. If you want to play with toys, pay for the official courses. If you want to really learn a language, get a real coursebook and use the Decks as a supplement.

4.Lazy people? Shouldn’t that be judged by what how much we learn, not by how much we pay? Just an idea. The problem is not whether there are sales. The problem is, that Memrise is offering a low quality product for such a price. Even the 30 dollars a year are too much for this. A course that will teach you mistakes is not worth that.