Important announcement about Decks

Most companies collect direct and indirect feedback – there’s no conspiracy behind that.

If you want better response, I recommend asking fewer questions, in a separate less busy thread.

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I am a community course contributor and a free software developer I will never pay for locked features…

That’s fine. But remember, Memrise is not open source. Someone has to pay for the iCloud bills and engineering work. Heck, even try to make a profit so the investors are happy.

lovely that was just emotional:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Further to my 4 points > above <


5) I’ve mentioned this before (elsewhere), and it think it’s on your agenda, but the frequent change of the learning theme has left a strange mixture of icons and ideas.

We still have a lot of “plant” allusions - “planting” to learn, seeds growing into a flower, but we also have “Warming up the engines”.

I am one of the old timers who really loved your initial theme of a beautiful landscape and planting and watering ideas. And the colours were so beautiful.

Given that you’ve abandoned a lot of subsequent themes as out of favour - either by yourselves or by users, perhaps I can encourage a a reconsider to your initial great idea.

See [Site Feedback] Memrise & Decks Improvements Suggestions (Users) and following posts.


I agree that a unified theme would be a nice long term goal, short term just fixing bugs and adding good features is more important. I could live with ‘warming up the engines’. Having to log out from the app, remove the app, reboot the iOS device to flush the cache, reinstall the app, log back in, to fix bad data is not fun.

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Agree so much with these! Especially with nr. 2.

Regarding (4): Recently I have been using Duolingo a lot and what I really liked the discuss button during the learning session. There is some really good feedback, usually about detailed language questions, such as “is this word order also correct?”

(5) I agree

I read in the comments three facts:

  • At times Memrise likes to change the theme of the website
  • Some people like to choose their own themes
  • Some people prefer an older Memrise theme over an newer one.

My suggestion:

  • Allow users to select their own theme (others have suggested this as well)
  • Any new Memrise web-(red)design becomes automatically a (the new default) ‘theme’
  • Any previous Memrise design becomes automatically one of the themes a user can choose from.

Memrise needs to write code for change-the-theme feature and create a data structure to store all the colors and whatever attributes that define a theme. That will be a lot of work of course. But once they have done that, giving their website a new color scheme or layout will be much easier for themselves as well, as they only need to fill out a new sheet with attributes.

In short: such change is not only fund for the user, but also for Memrise and their staff in the long run.

Anyway, @MemriseSupport thank you so much for reviewing our feedback!


@Andenmowe: Really? That is so frustrating! Though, I have been using and continued to use the offline mode. I’m on Android. (Windows never had an offline mode and I don’t have Apple)

If you still want to use the offline mode, tell what the issue is, perhaps in the how-to-section. I bet somebody at the forum can help you get it work. Perhaps there has been a solution for grabs all along.

@LucDeschenaux69 I’m also a community course contributor and I have also helped develop free software. And I am really grateful for tons of free software and free information out there from people like you that has helped me times and times again, that wasn’t even there in the payed tools.

Still, my question is: who is going to pay for the all the servers and the programming that comes with running a good website? Isn’t that worth a penny?


I created myself course in Memrise 2 years ago and add new words in a computer.
But I don’t see them on the mobile. I see only words that I added 1 years ago.
what should I do?

Try logging off in the app and then log back in, this will update all courses.
If you are a subscriber you can alternatively tap the download button which will also trigger an update, but only for the respective course.


Thanks. it helped me

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Agree! Nice to hear that

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It has been a while since this announcement. A couple of people from Memrise told us here, repeatedly, that they’re taking feedback from the community. So I wonder: Do any of the memrise users here actually know how to give feedback? I know I asked several times and nobody from memrise ever answered.

You’re a memrise user. You have a feature request, or an issue with the UI you’d like to see addressed, or something like that. How do you give that feedback to memrise in a way that you know they will consider as a company? What’s the right way to do so?

I know we can tag particular memrise employees in comments here, but that’s haphazard. There’s no way to know who the right person is, whether they’ll forget about it a week later, whether it will be tracked and considered by whoever’s managing the product or development, etc. When memrise said they were taking feedback, it sounded like something more than just “you can still tag some of us in comments to get our attention sometimes”. But what is it? How do you give feedback to memrise? Does anyone know?

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I agree with this 100% (if you mean what I think you mean).
I can’t see any advantage in having to report a bug or ask something about a specific course in the middle of other unrelated posts. It was so much better to create a question about a course in the specific forum of that course. We could easily get a reply from the course creator (who’d be notified when there was a comment or a new thread), who generally is, in my opinion, the best person to answer any questions. I remember being quite glad to be able to help other learners!


What a pleasant surprise You gave me! :blush: I was in a long depression, didn’t visit here for a year and stopped hoping!

I didn’t try to update courses or recommend Memrise (or even talk about it) as I did before. Not to mention start new course for our university class as I hoped before. I understood some of your previous decisions, but they were hard to swallow anyway. (Yet I still decided to pay)

Thank You.
I am envigorated and will put more effort into everything :blush:

P.S. if anything could make me happy now, it would be the fast test on iOS platform (at least for paid one?)


Welcome back Petr (@petr.r.skupad8), sorry to hear of your low bout. Glad you feel encouraged. Stay safe.


Well I actually meant the depression rather figuratively related to my hopes not being in Memrise (like: “depression from Memrise development”), but actually it was not so far from the truth literally either :sweat_smile:. So thank You for Your welcome back and wish :slight_smile:

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This was the closest we ever got to an answer to this question. It implies, though it does not directly state, that Memrise doesn’t take user feedback in any structured & public way. They take private feedback, and they take structured feedback perhaps when they pick users to reach out to, but the only way for users to submit public feedback that other people can see, is to tag Memrise users in forum posts here. These may or may not get a response, and they may or may not be tracked, and there’s no way for us to easily find them or know how Memrise will handle them unless they choose to give updates, but it’s the only thing we have.

So, in that light, since there isn’t actually a topic on this site for freedback per se, I decided to try to use the General Discussion topic to post the things I think Memrise would need to do to repair the community courses & platform that they broke a few years ago:

Let’s see if any of these get serious responses, and based on that we can see if Memrise has decided to take the community platform and course creators seriously again.

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BTW, it looks like Memrise did eventually add a feedback section to this forum, though it was many months later. (They’ve still ignored those four posts, though)