Immidiate feedback option

I see in other apps a cool option where you can report an error immediately as you’re studying on the same page you’re at, usually it looks like a exclamation mark(!) you click it and send error feedback immediately, i think having this choice is more effective and less time consuming, because lately I have been seeing alot of errors


This is virtually what we had with dedicated forums (one per course) and a notification went to the Creator and any Contributors.

Now we are encouraged to set up a [Course Forum] and most of us try to give a link to it in the web course description.

On the App description I add “see web version for further details and support”.


@DW7 I am using the iOS version and there is virtually no course descriptions. Does the Android version show the descriptions? This whole time I thought app users can no longer see them unless on the web. :unamused:

Hi @SKKreativ,

Have a look at any course I’m involved with - there’s something for all tastes in the 250 courses I have either created or look after.

You’ll have to use a web browser to find and start the course (and answer one question) then it should appear on your home screen on the App.

Also all the official MemRise language courses show a brief description.


The MemRise course descriptions show up on the iOS app but not community created ones, for example, as shown with the course ’Useful German’ which I created and added a description.

@SKKreativ, Strange. But you may not know if the course on the right has been given some text in the short description.

Have you checked some of the courses I look after?

I have added a description in both the main and short. It’s like this for all my own created courses and community courses such as the one you are looking after.

Ever since the first major design change and rebranding of the app it’s been like this for me. I am curious if other iOS users are seeing the same as I do?

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Hi @SKKreativ, please see the attached screenshots for the two courses you mention above as seen on the Android App.

Yes as you say, I’m actually supporting the Italian course.

It must be an iOS BUG. Cc @MemriseSupport

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Hi @SKKreativ,

Yes. I see the short description (for courses I created and for those created by others) on the android app but not on the iOS app (except for ‘official’ courses). I’m not sure that it’s a bug as such. There are a few differences between the two systems.


@alanh @DW7 thanks for your insights. I understand Android and iOS have slightly different systems but having short descriptions absent for iOS users really defeats the purpose of making course forums on here and linking them in the description if a whole chunk of iOS users aren’t even aware and can’t even see it.


Couldn’t agree more.