Immerse tab dissapeared


Bought the app yesterday and I was enjoying the immersion videos and even saved a few of them in my favourites. Today I can’t find the button to access the videos or even the favourites? What’s going on?!

Hi @Rugerr,

The Immerse tab will only appear on languages for which we offer Immerse videos. When you click the Immerse tab, Your Favourites should display as pictured below (before you enter the stream of posts).

If you aren’t able to see this, can you please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.



Thanks for the fast reply. I did try uninstalling the app but it didn’t work. Currently going through russian courses, which should have the immerse tab. At least it did have it the other day.

When I open up the app, I only have home; learn and explore as options (see photo)

Any ideas?

@Rugerr did you create your very first Memrise profile on 24/02? Users signed up recently will not have access to Immerse unfortunately, which leads us to believe you were using Immerse on another Memrise profile (and created a new one to subscribe).

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Yes, I did make a new account. So I guess that solves it then.

Does this mean that I had the better version of this app on my previous free account instead of the subscriber one? Will I ever get those Immerse videos back ? Is there a timelimit from creating an account or something?

Users signed up recently will not have access to Immerse unfortunately

There must be a smart reason for this? :thinking:

Hi @Rugerr, if you want us to transfer your subscription to your old profile, please send us a DM with the details (email address, username) and we can do that. Immerse was a feature that we were testing temporarily (and as such wasn’t a feature users had to pay for). We are working on some new and exciting features, so keep an eye out!


Hello! I too have just registered and was planning to subscribe. Will the immersion feature be available in the future or are you giving it up after testing? Will it be possible to get it somehow after the subscription?

Hi @ChinaManas! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to confirm the future of Immerse right now and we can’t activate it on your account if you are a new subscriber, but you can keep an eye out for any feature changes for subscribed users here :slightly_smiling_face:

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