Images are small in tests

Hi! I am learning a couple of courses, testing on animal names, prompting with images. However, images are often very small in most tests. Hover zoom extension for chrome used to work fine on the courses I have. But now it will not enlarge images on most tests (prompted by image). However it seemed to work the other way around, i.e. the hover zoom extension worked better when testing on images, prompted with animal name.

Maybe the extension is somehow disabled on certain tests by the developers? Is there a chance that it could be allowed again?

Or do you have a better experience with other image-enlarging extensions? There is a magnifying glass extension that kind of works, but the pictures are quite blurry.

Or maybe could memrise make a function for larger images / own image-enlarging function?

This is how it looks like when it works, with a mouse pointer over the image, it gets bigger.