Image multiple choice displaying same photo in all 4 boxes

I am creating and image and text course. It seems to work except for when it displays a multiple choice with images. It will show all the same images instead of 4 different images. How do I fix this? Thank you.

I had a look at that course and the problem seems to be caused by duplicates. Duplicate entries within the same column confuse our system, which results in identical multiple choice options. When you delete the duplicate entries (e.g. ‘Aas’) it should work correctly.

I’m having the same problem. As far as I know I don’t have any duplications. Please help me resolve.

As of the beginning of October duplicate entries were still a problem:

@joshua, @lien is this behaviour fixed now?

Also a previous workaround might have been

Does that still work (using brackets) or is there now a recent bug that prevents this from working, or complicates its use, perhaps you now have type everything, including the brackets and what’s inside them?

Can you post a link to your course? You likely do have duplicates. It doesn’t matter in which column the duplicates are.

I was able to resolve the issue by deleting the image column and re-entering it. I’m guessing that I added the images before the definitions the first time around - which caused it to have some trouble. Things seem to be working fine now.

I have this problem and I have tried everything to solve it!

What is meant by “duplicate entries”? I don’t think I have any and it’s pretty easy to see that 'cause I only have 10 image cards.

I have the same problem. My course has only 5 words so far, so I know I don’t have duplicates.
I tried deleting the image column and upload everything again.
Still, I only see the correct image when being prompted with a multiple choice question.

Hello ! I have the same problem too. I tried to make test to learn physics formula and definition so I’m using image instead of typing the formula in text column. For example : image
I don’t know if I have duplicates, do you know how I can check ? I’m still new at making courses…
Thank you !