I'm Really Doing It! -- NOW It's Time to Meet MemPals and/or Join a Group

I have to admit that I’m not always so great at following through with things, so I’ve been mostly operating in “stealth mode” both here and on Duolingo, rather than really investing in a community. But I’ve been learning Spanish without any human interaction for a couple months now, and I’m noticing a few things:

  • I’m not speaking enough.

  • I’m tired of hearing the same pre-recorded voices say the same slightly weird phrases and sentences over and over.

  • I like learning Spanish!

  • I’m actually getting pretty good at it! I’m taking several courses, but the two main ones I’m focusing on are Memrise’s Spanish 1-7 Series and Duolingo Spanish Vocab (in Progress). I just did a Speed Review in Spanish (Mexico) 2, and I answered 150 correctly in a row, ending the Speed Review session with all three hearts intact. For whatever reason, I took it as a sign. I’m here to stay, and it’s time to take things to the next level.

Which is where you come in, hopefully. Or a few of you.

I don’t actually have any connections in this community. I’d like to start getting some real Mempals here and/or Friends on Duolingo, and I’d like to join a group, if I may. Or I’d be willing to start one if a couple of you would prefer that.

Ultimately, I’d like to be doing live video chats, but one step at a time. I’ve never actually had a conversation in Spanish! (I don’t count "Mas toallas, por favor… Gracias.)

Feel free to reply here or send a private message if you prefer. I use the same User ID on Duolingo if that’s better for you.


P.S. Didn’t quite realize how long this post had gotten. Thanks for reading!


I’m not learning Spanish, but I waned to wish you luck :slight_smile:


Thank you! And to you as well.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

That sounds really cool. Unfortunately, I’ve kind of only been doing it for a few months, so I probably won’t be of any help with long Spanish dialogue. :frowning: But I did follow you here and on Duolingo, so I’m not totally unhelpful. :grin: I hope…

Have you had a look at www.lingvist.com?

The Spanish audio is really nice (compared to DuoLingo TTS, Google TTS).

I finished my Lingvist end of 2017 year challenge with 1000 learned words in 11 days.

However, I am more into learning Portuguese Brazil, sorry :wink:

Community: You could have some text and voice chats on www.hellolingo.com

Good luck and have fun!

Smashing!! I’m doing Spanish here too, and I wish you well with your learning!!

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Hi @SparkyJim

Do you find Spanish group?