"Il mio" or "mio" meaning "my"

In one lesson, I read: “Mia fliglia” meaning “my daughter”. In another, I read: “il tuo gator” meaning “your cat.”. When do we put “il” or "la’ before “Mio” or “tuo” and when don’t we?

Daisy, the definite articles are not used when you are speaking/writing about nouns that refer to family members, such as
mio figlio, mio zio, mia madre, mio fratello, etc.
BUT…il mio gatto, la mia macchina, etc.
However, for terms that refer to family members, this is true only in the singular. The definite articles are used in the plural. For example,
i miei fratelli, le mie sorelle, le nostre madri, etc.
Hope this helps.


Thank you.

thanks! helpful