Ignored words become learned after unignoring them

Recently I noticed that words marked as Ignored (on web) / Already Know (on mobile) are marked as completely planted/learned after unignoring them, I would like to know if this is a knew feature or if it’s some kind of bug?

If it is a new feature, I would like to report that the new words acquired after unignoring are not added to your total amount of words on web, even after login out/in. They are however correctly added to your total amount of words on mobile almost instantly.

Hi @user6 it is a new feature, it was something we needed for the new version of memrise and we figured that if you’ve marked a word as known then you probably know it to some extent and so if you unmark it as known you wouldn’t want to learn it right from nothing.
You can also consider this a little easter-egg to skip the 6 repetitions to grow the flower if you want!

Regarding the total amount of words known, that does sound like a bug, to help us resolve it could you please let us know which mobile app you’re using (ios or android), and where the total is displayed on both web and mobile?
For instance, is it the total for an individual course as shown on the course list on mobile and web, or the dictionary on android, or the total words on your profile for web or mobile?

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I am using the android app, also I am talking about the total words as shown in the profile (in the individual course the total is counted correctly, I haven’t payed attention to the dictionary but I think it’s counted correctly on it too).

Also, found another bug on this feature on web, if there are words being learned (not yet fully learned) and you go to the level and ignore or unignore a word, all words that were being learned end up as completely learned and ready to review.

Thank you we can se the issue on the profile tab, we will try and get to it soon but the course progress is fine which is the most important thing
And we have raised a major bug for the second point, that is not unintended at all, we will get on that as soon as possible


Alright, thank you very much for your assistance.

I have regularly used the “ignore” feature for thousands of words not because I already knew them, but to save learning them until later. Unignoring these words and finding them automatically marked as learnt is a significant change in how Memrise works.

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Here is a community-created course which is made unusable with this change:

The course description expects the user to use the ignore feature to focus their learning.

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Hi @user6 the second bug you mentioned should now be resolved. The bug regarding the words learned total should be looked at next week, we have a couple of bugs to fix first that more directly affect users.

@lurajane I’m sorry you don’t like the change, but our user research showed that people were using the feature to skip words they already know, and this is reflecting in us slowly changing the button to say ‘I already know this’ across the apps. It’s also a necessary change for the experience in the upcoming version of Memrise to work best, so it will be staying this way.

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A possible solution to lurajane’s complaint would be having two buttons, one for “I already know this” and one for “ignore”, isn’t that a viable option?


Theoretically it is possible, but fitting more buttons is always a challenge to make work on mobile and tablet views and is more confusing to users so we don’t add buttons unless we think it ill add substantial value, which in this case we don’t believe it does, users can choose which levels to learn, or in the new version choose scenarios, so we don’t think there’s a lot of value in being able to delay learning an individual word.

Thank you for the information and your quick response.

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Hi @James_g_memrise,

I think it would be very helpful if we could have both functions - ignore (for now as too difficult but want to return to it later) and known (so we just get to revise it as normal).

I have mentioned this before.

. Is "Ignore" (on the web) the same as "I already know this" (on the Android App)?


Snap @user6 - same suggestion !


For the reasons I mentioned above we are not going to be adding more buttons at this time
We are heading towards a paradigm like this, in the new version of memrise the word ‘ignore’ will not be used as it’s ambiguous as we’re seeing here
The new term is ‘I already know this’, which our user testing has shown to be most clear when paired with a ‘Teach me this’ button, so when you see a new word for the first time the choice is clear, if you know a word, you won’t have to see it in lessons again. This terminology is in some places in the current product and we are heading towards alignment on that.

Right now there will be no explicit button to skip learn and still do review as you are requesting, though you can achieve the same now by marking a word as known (ignoring) and then unmarking it as known (unignoring) a word because doing that sets the word to be fully grown and so eligible for review but won’t have to be learnt. This change took place this week.

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Thanks @James_g_memrise and that addresses my suggestion in the other thread about clarification and consistency.

there will be no explicit button to skip learn and still do review as you are requesting

Reading this again and » latest comments « on my original thread, this may not what I’d like.

Incidentally I can no longer take the heart off! :broken_heart:

you can hack it by ignoring then unignoring, which will fully grow a word and put it scheduled for review.

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Thanks @James_g_memrise, I’ll have to have a go at trying all these suggestions, then I might understand how it works.

Hey Memrise staff - I know you get unwelcome pushback when you are just trying to make the site as great as it can be. I want to clarify - I am not opposed to this change. I think it is great that you are constantly rethinking what works best for most learners and that you are regularly updating the tool.

I am simply pointing out that this is in fact a big change, not a minor tweak, as
this removes users’ prior ability to intentionally sequence their learning.

I and other users also use the “ignore” feature on words that have a spelling error, misleading cue, or mis-matched audio. Will that ability be retained? I wouldn’t typically realize an error in a course until I have advanced in my learning and the word is coming up in reviews.

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Will this hack work retrospectively?

ie will words previously ignored then unignore become fully learned and ready for revising?

yes it will

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