"Ignore" option from the database

Hello, is there a method to ‘ignore’ words from the database of a self made course directly? If not, please add this feature.
I have been studying Korean for a long time now, and I have many levels to the vocabulary list. I want to keep using the same course for all my vocabulary in the SNU textbook series that I am studying. BUT, now that I am 6 books deep, over 50 chapters of vocab lists, as I review vocabulary words I want to add some of the words I finally have completely internalized to be ignored. BUT, I don’t remember which chapter the words are from :frowning:

OR in the alternative, can you add a feature that will tell you the level the word is in? Or, is that already possible? can I add a column to the database and the column is automatically filled in with the level information of where my vocab word is located?

Hi @nunuvyurbidniz,

Did you know that on the web you can ignore ALL or SELECT individual items when you go into a level?

Please see PS below

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Yes… did you even read what I wrote?


Also, searching the database will find the word (but not the level).

Several of us fill in a column (perhaps an attribute one) with the title of the Level eg “Eating out phrases”.

But you could fill that with “Level 3” etc.

Either suggestion should help find which level a word is in, if that’s what you want.

Yes, but I want a feature that would auto-complete this. I have over 50 levels now with more than 2000 words. It would take so long to go back and add a custom column like that.

Editing your reply to add a PS after writing a comment that shows you didn’t understand my original post instead of writing a new comment is kind of rude.

Sorry - I’ve amended it.

I’m sorry I can not help you, as you say it’s a “[Feature Request]” that would be very useful.