Ielts prep 1 correction

Hello there guys.

There is this course created by @dsakolski who doesn’t have an account here.
I’ve found a couple of misspelled words there and I would like to do some corrections.
I’m asking you to contact Dsakolski via email, otherwise you could make me a contributor so i can make the changes on my own.

Examples of mistakes - “fragiale” instead of “fragile” and “destinction” instead of “distinction”
“conspicious” instead of "conspicuous"
I believe there are tons of it, I just stopped learning it because writing down things with misspells do not help the cause.

Thank you for your time.

Wow, no one cares?

No-one knows. There are few things you need to do.

Great support, Memrise. Great support.

Unfortunately, due to your word count and points being significantly low, I have decided not to make you a contributor.

We have received reports from course creators who we previously gave other user access to their course, reporting their course has been modified to beyond repair, and in some cases all their items were removed from their course.

I suggest adding these words to your ignore list.

Hi @joshua,

That’s a bit worrying. It’s reassuring, though, to hear that you are going to be selective about who Memrise gives contributor status to in future.

Is there any chance that you could also give course creators some wider publicity about the existence of this forum or maybe do a mailshot to them so that more of them join the forum.

The introduction of a clearly visible direct link from each course home page to the forum would also be a good addition. :wink:

Great, it’s way better to leave it as it is, so more people can learn the misspelled words. Great job you’re doing there.
I’ve already moved to another website so you’re free to close/delete the topic.

why are you so mad???

I’m not mad, the attitude is just pathetic.
Selection depending on amount of learned words, great way to keep the website working. Because every single newbie wants to screw courses up.
I quit because of the mistakes, I don’t want to ignore 40% of the words, just because nobody corrects them. I’m already using another website so that’s not a big deal to me.

You can make a course without mistakes. It is so easy to charge other users’ work if you haven’t done one of your own

Yeah, you don’t like the bread, open a bakery and make one yourself. Smart one. I prefer to swap the bakery.
Pointless conversation.

I am making one. I’d really appreciate proofreading and feedback

I’ve been teaching English for 8 years and teaching IELTS for 1 year, that doesn’t mean I don’t make typos though. I’ll be adding audio to every word soon (Irish accent)

Post feedback here: