Idea: Possibility for course creators to add FALSE WORDS for each word in multiple choice testing

Hi everyone!
I just had an idea for a Memrise feature. I recently created a course on Spanish abbreviations, however in the multiple choice testing it is very obvious which are the correct answers, since, for example, “por ejemplo” is abbreviated “p. ej.” and not “V. M.” or “V. O. S.” or “dpto.”, so I thought, what about if we course creators had the possibility to add various false options for a word, which will then be shown in the multiple choice testing? Then we could add to “p. ej.” (por ejemplo) these false options: “P. E.”, “pe.”, “po. EJ.”, etc. I actually think it would be an awesome feature, like you could do that for any word, just add false variants.

What do you think?


Good idea!

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As I am a visual learner, your suggestion to add false options doesn’t make me happy :grimacing:

Oh, I see, but what if this would be like a learning mode one could turn on and off? :grinning: Also for course creators, some levels won’t require false options, but some will. :thinking:

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I think it’s better to be able to optionally add false options on a word-by-word basis. Just add them when it’s necessary for the learners to distinguish between easily confused words.


Good point, to have more difficult choices:
It could suitably be as a later stage, a later classic review or such (bit tough in a speed review :smirk:).
By contrast easy obvious choices are good early on - it’s then not really about anything but repetition anyway, and gives simple positive feedback to beginners!

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