Icelandic Course Errors -100 Most Common Icelandic Verbs

I’ve been working through this course and so far have found a number of errors that need correcting:

  1. ‘look’ in Icelandic is “líta” (with an accent on the ‘i’). The card has “lita” which means ‘colour’.

  2. the definition for “lesa” should be “to read” and not “I read”.

3.‘employ’ in Icelandic is “ráda”. The card has “ræða” which means ‘to talk’.

  1. “reka” has a lot of different common meanings besides ‘dismiss’. I’m not sure how to fix this, but either more context should be given or several definitions other than one.

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  1. (stugga) drive away, drive
  2. (starfrækja) run, operate
    ~ fyrirtæki run a business
  3. (~ úr starfi) fire, dismiss
  4. (~ úr skóla) expel
  5. (slá) hammer, strike

Same here - calling @ keith.uzelmannc1 to fix this, please

Also CC: @Arete_Hime

Hey there,

There are some errors as described as above
Ræða vs ráða, að láta is wrongly translated.

Can theses be fixed somehow?