I would like a Classic Review of all lessons within a language

From my end as a consumer this seems like a basic feature. I want to review words from multiple chapters in one go in classic review.

I know there is another topic about this but since this forum seemingly does not bump topics that gets new comments I am positing a new topic.

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I think it does.


This feature already exists. By selecting the target language under “By category” in the dropdown box at the top of your dashboard, a blue button will appear immediately to the left of the dropdown box showing the number of words due for classic review across all your courses in that language (no blue button means no words currently due for review). Clicking on that button starts a classic review across those courses (subject to the limit you set in your ‘learning’ profile eg max of 100),

This only applies to the web version.


So when you say due to review, do you mean have the lightening bolt selected for that word

No. Those words with the lightning bolt are your ‘difficult words’ (ie ones you got wrong on a previous review). The ones ‘due’ for review are those that you got right on a previous review but which have now come round again for the next review under Memrise’s SRS system (there could also be some amongst these that you got wrong on an earlier test and now fall due for review again under SRS).

In this example, I have a total of 12 words due for review across all of my Spanish courses. Of these, you can see that the first of my Spanish courses has one of the 12 due for review. If I click on the blue “Review (12)” button, it will test me on all 12 in a single test, which I think is what you are asking to do.

Hope this helps.

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So does this mean I cannot review whenever I want?

You can review pretty much anything you have learned as often as you want by either going to a course homepage and clicking on the blue “Review” button or by opening an individual ‘level’ within a course and then either clicking on the blue “Review” button there or via the “Options” button.

[Edit: Have amended “white” to “blue” above. These buttons are white in the Memrise website but blue in Decks.]

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That sounds like the normal course review for only individual lessons. I am not sure what else you could be talking about.

I am not sure where the review button is on the course homepage. Also are you saying that button acts as a classic review for all lessons?

Here´s an example from one of my courses:

It will give you a classic review of words learned in that course - regardless of whether or not they are ‘due’ for review under SRS. The number of words in each review will be determined by the number your profile settings (max 100 words).

There is no current feature that would let you do a classic review of every word you have learned across every course in a particular language, if that is what you are asking for. I am not sure such a feature would be practical in view of the number of courses and the size of their content.

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Yes that is what I am asking for. Hope I was clear in the OP

It would be practical because I use the ignore words feature.

This is disappointing but as I learn more I will try and read more from the news to learn the language.

@kevin5284, Over to you to consider if this is doable, please.


Thank you for the help.

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I think this is a similar question:

Feature suggestion

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