I want the mems back

The mems were the MOST IMPORTANT part of the memrise application, to share your tricks and learn from the others. I found so many brilliant ways to help me memorizing words and I hope that I helped a lot of other users with my thoughts. At least in the Android app they are still available. But I fear that also there they will dissapear.
They do constant updates, but I don’t feel that they improved in any way in the last years.

What is your opinion?


I really liked the mems because they help you learn a difficult word but now that I’m getting better at the language I’m learning I feel like the mems aren’t as helpful as before. But they might still help and they are handy to use. I hope that Memrise brings the mems back :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree 100% with you. While Mems are still available for/in community courses, they aren’t in Memrise’s official courses. And despite the fact that this has been pointed out in countless postings over at least a year (or two?), Memrise refuses to bring them back. Sadly, the company’s main objective seems to rather focus on fancy visual updates while taking away features and ignoring bugs (some of which having been known for over two years!) …

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That’s good to know, because that is where I like to use them, especially as “Alternatives” do not show on the App.

I never really used the mems, but they were incredibly helpful for others I know.

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Seriously the mems should not be gone. They’re what make Memrise MEMrise, after all!

The community-created courses that are old and popular have accumulated quite a number of mems that I find very useful. On my computer, I’ve been using Beta, which is indeed a nicer-looking layout. But mems are not available on Beta, so sometimes when I find a word difficult and would like to get some help from mems, I will go to the mobile app and look for the mems for that word. This is how useful mems are!

I’ve read the article regarding why they’ve decided to retire mems, where I see no convincing reasons for the decision. They just say they’ve “found out that the majority of learners that have access to them do not use them” from “more recent research and data”. If that is the case, isn’t it more reasonable to improve the layout for mems and to encourage the creation and use of mems, than to retire them? (Not to mention I doubt if the reduced usage of mems is simply a consequence of mems being not available in Beta.) It seems that Memrise has taken the lazy approach so that they don’t have to spend time and effort to maintain the mems!

As a subscriber and long-time user (about 6 years) of Memrise who have accumulated almost 24M points, I frankly find the decision very disappointing. Please, WITHDRAW it and keep Memrise MEMrise.


I personally don’t use mems, at least not anymore(I learn Japanese and kanji basically work like mems if you already know them), but I still think it’s absolutely absurd to remove them. I think they’re super important when you’re early into learning a language, and i’m sure there’s plenty of people who never stop using them. The good news is that they’re apparently going to restore them at some point, but I bet that’s because of the backlash they got when they announced their removal.


I totally agree. I relied on mems for learning new words or words I have forgotten. That is why I use Memrise. I won’t be learning any new words (here) once mems have been removed. The plan (if that is the right word) seems to be to turn memrise into a cheaper (and likely worse) version of LingQ.