I want no typing courses

thanks for the answer.

i hope memrise improves in the future.

In the meantime, there’s cooljingle’s “all multiple-choice” userscript:

If currently, using the Beta version of Memrise, it’s necessary first to exit that and revert to the original version.

Once installed, it’s easy to turn on and off to suit your needs.


You could search for “No Typing”, “NT” and “N/T”, which are often put as part of the course title.

There’s quite a few ‘no typing’ courses.

Improves? Typing’s amazing. If you don’t like typing, that’s on you, and in the meantime, there are already multiple different input methods and styles of questions that don’t rely on it.

So what if you find typing amazing. A lot of people dislike it and find the typing questions annoying and that it greatly slows down the speed at which they learn.

Memrise would be a lot better if they had the option to disable typing questions.