I suck at pronunciation. Is there anyway to get more tries? Its really frustrating I do not know why I am getting these wrongs

Right now it limits me to two attempts without telling me what I did wrong. I know I can listen back to my recording but sometimes when I do it sounds correct. I need to know what I am doing wrong so I can correct myself.

If you are talking about practising pronunciation, you must be referring to the two Arabic courses by the memrise team, not community courses, so I would like to move your post to the forum for the official memrise courses, if that is OK?

According to your user name, this is you:


And you are doing Arabic 1 and Arabic 2?

And I totally get your frustration :frowning:

Maybe a more sophisticated programme like “audacity” would work better?

But for pronunciation, you really need another human who can tell you what to do with all the bits of your mouth and get you to really feel the difference between the various attempts you make at getting a sound right.

Correct. Sorry. I thought this was the official forum.

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What is audacity? Do you have a link. I agree though. Maybe I will try to find other Arabic learners in the Philly suburbs.

If you google “practise pronunciation with audacity”, you will get various YouTube tutorials advertised. That would be a good place to start.