I lose my streak because bug of android app

I sent a form to restore my streak, but nothing happen. I’m learning normally on my pc but when I use android app, it said that I got daily streak, in face I just got 2/3 goal of day. please restore my streak for me. I’m losing my motivation :((

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I have recently updated the application on my mobile phone and I´m noticing some problems with it. Firstly, it´s not counting me XP, when I do my review session and cancel it when I reach needed XP. Secondly, today it was counting me streaks, but when I was continuing doing other courses, it has disappeard at all courses I had done earlier. So no streak for today, unfortunately. I hope, I have described the problems as they are. Can anyone help me?

We have another thread in here with over 100 replies including Deva and customer support pledging to restore bugged lost Android streaks.

Guess what everyone is still waiting on?