I keep just getting learn new words

Hi I am only getting learn new words the app is not mixing the types up. Is this normal. On level 2.

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When you finish all the words you will only be able to review.
Try utilizing the website and check if it lets you utilize review.
Message me if it doesn’t work, I won’t mind contacting someone that can help.

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Hi Wayne,

if I were you, I would heavily focus on classic reviews on the Memrise web portal by installing a bunch of Tampermonkey user scripts.

The Android app e.g is fine if you want to plant NEW words.

You can learn 10 words, where the app is using the half-planting (3 of 6 steps) process.
You can learn multiple levels in parallel.
This might make more sense if you do the Duolingo course created by MartinPen.

Half-planting is great, if your backlog queue is already full and you want to learn new words anyways but you can not clear your backlog queue in time.

With this concept, you can avoid that new words will be added at the end of the queue for the 4h + 12 spaced repetition (SR) intervals.

Learning new words (fully planted, 6 steps) only makes sense because of the short-term next intervals, when you have already cleared old items in your queue, so not any words are due for review.

I would want to strongly suggest that you avoid doing reviews on the mobile apps with:

  • tapping
  • typing with hints
  • multiple choice
  • mixing listening exercises, even your backlog queue is not already cleared
  • speed reviews (multiple-choice), even your backlog queue is not already cleared

I used the Memrise Android app on Android emulators (e.g KOPlayer, Bluestacks) for myself when learning NEW words.

AFAIK all those “mixing exercises” (either in the app or on the website if have the Pro subscription) mark any due words (blue button) as reviewed and will set the next SR interval.

This actually is IMHO quite bad as you most of the time do not really know (being able to RECALL) those words very well.