I hope this helps others

I have used Memrise for nearly 3 years now and find it invaluable for learning new vocabulary and putting it into context but realised that my spoken comprehension was very poor. The best platform i have found for this is Simpleton Portuguese on You Tube which is not easy but is presented with incredible humour and really helps. Hope that this helps others too


Thanks a lot for that link. It looks very nice and useful. I took a first look.
I’ve watched a video where the person speaks slowly (yes!) and there are also Portuguese and English subtitles! Great!
I have personally being doing almost all the course of Portuguese from Brazil on Duolingo, but I understood that what I really want, now, is to stop listening to it and to switch to the Portuguese from Portugal.
Except from Memrise, it seems that there’s not a lot of free courses.
I found the course of the Portuguese government, that looks very nice, but it actually doesn’t work at all, it’s disastrous, the servers do not respond. May be temporarily, I hope so.
The link: https://pptonline.acm.gov.pt/
The BBC site has something in his archives, but I believe that it’s very limited and requires to use Flash Player, which is a bad idea nowadays

If somebody knows other good resources for Portugal’s Portuguese, I’m super interested.
If by any chance someone knows a course for Spanish or French speakers I’m interested. I’m lucky enough to know the two languages, which makes leaning Portuguese much more easier.
Thank you.

I briefly come back, here, to share this excellent video explaining pronunciation : Speak PORTUGUESE like a NATIVE SPEAKER with these 3 TIPS - YouTube

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Glad it was of help to you and good luck.I forgot to add a link to the page last time but here it is.
Renato also does italki lessons on a 1 to 1 basis at a very reasonable price.
Simpleton Portuguese - YouTube