I have to pay?

So I just discovered this app for my phone and I was making great progress, but now I can’t advance any further without paying? WTF? I’ve only learned about 12 words. What kinda BS is this?

What OS?
What version?

Try Android app v2.9_3947.

What’s the screenshot, you could continue using the app without switching to Pro.

I have an Android, naturally. And the version of Memrise I’m using is 2.94_2451.

Well? What is the issue here?

I think you might not have a legitimate version of the app. Unless this is something very recently added? @Lien do you know what’s going on?

I downloaded it from Google Play, not some sinister dark Web site. It couldn’t get more legit.

All the user-generated courses are completely free. The official memrise ones require people to pay, they are trying out different payment schemes with different people so some people will still think all the memrise courses are free, some will see that they have to pay after they finish the first level, and it seems you had to pay after only 12 words.

My guess is what is actually happening is that it is your turn to use “meet the natives” or “difficult words”. Which you can’t use without paying. If you swap to the blue or green or red modes you should be able to study for free, for at least the first level of the official courses.

What langauge are you learning? You could go to the forum for that language and ask for recommendations on good bug-free user generated courses for that language. You don’t get the “meet the natives” levels then though

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I was studying German. It’s a language I’ve been wanting to learn for a while now. But yeah, “meet the natives” and “difficult” words won’t skip; it’s like an annoying cycling tag team combo asking for my money.

But what do you mean by these colored “modes?”

So, seriously, what can I do to fix this?

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So the image at the bottom allegedly shows how to “fix it?” I’ve done that before. So when I go to the list, what then? I’m still hampered by the ads.

Here’s a user generated course:


See if it works better for you, you might pick a different course in the end but anyway see how that one works.

for me meet the natives was turquoise and difficult words was orange, that’s what i meant by coloured modes. The blue is classic revision and the green is new words, but this might all have changed because I haven’t updated the app.

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