I have "invisible" ignored words

So, I am doing the “German 1” course. I have never ignored a word and going through all the levels show that each of them has 0 ignored words. However, when I am in the course’s main page, it says there are 9 ignored words. What does this mean? How can I unignore everything in the course, I still have 2.5 levels to finish, which contain way more that 9 words. I am also using the web version if it helps.
Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Are the words actually ignored when you do the lesson or is it just showing that it is ignored when it isnt? If it is the second it is probably just a bug.

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Hi @EvilRaceHorse,

It sounds like the usual discrepancy between the web version and the app version of the ‘official’ Memrise language courses. It’s been raised on the forum before.

There are grammar lessons on the app version of the course which aren’t accessible to us on the web version. If you scan through the Level pages for your course and total up the number of ‘words’ in each of the grammar lessons, they probably add up to 9 for this course. Although the individual ‘Level’ pages say “0 ignored”, they are shown as ignored on the course homepage. I have a similar issue with my Spanish courses.