I got charged $1,297 by Memrise


I’m getting billed $1,294 every year for memrise. I have had an account for the last 4 years. What is going on??? The date coincided with my Dec 16th billing date on Memrise so it is definitely not a 3rd party scam.

What is going on over there and what could possibly cost $1,300??? Why isn’t there any kind of receipt to explain this? No billing history either??? This is what I wake up to on Christmas…

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Have you been charged? PS Yes
Has the money gone from your bank account? PS Yes

Are you sure it’s not a spam/ phishing web site? PS Yes

Are you being charged life membership every year?

@MemriseSupport please can you investigate.

  1. I have been charged

  2. I have lost the money
    3.This is not phishing because the billing date of December 16th is the same day that I get billed for Memrise yearly. Where can I see the billing details for Memrise?

  3. I have had Memrise since 2016 but I may have cancelled pro in 2017 in Korea and I dont know if I have been charged for 2 years or 4 years because I switched bank accounts.


Thanks for the extra information - that should help @MemriseSupport


I only got refunded $1,300 when I was owed more money.

I was billed $1,300 PER YEAR for at least TWO years. That is $2,600 at a minimum.

Can I please see my entire billing history with Memrise from 2016 to 2020? I want to make sure that there are no other errors and double check it. I would also like some sort of explanation! If I had never caught this, then this could have gone on for a decade!

Markeiz Ryan

Hi @Markeiz_Ryan33,

Really sorry to hear that. I’ve now refunded the 2019 transaction - the amount will appear in your account within 5-10 days.

Unfortunately I can’t confirm why this occurred, but I’m investigating this error with the team, to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Apologies for any inconvenience.



Many thanks @ale_c for picking this one up and (hopefully) resolving the issue.

@Markeiz_Ryan33 seems to imply it has happened twice. Alessio, are you able to investigate?


Yes, I can confirm that both transactions have already been refunded. :+1:

Just to confirm, this was a temporary issue that was promptly fixed last year. However, it sounds like Markeiz_Ryan33’s subscription wasn’t cancelled and refunded last year, so this occurred again in 2020.

Our records show that no other customers have been affected by this.

If you experience further issues, please let me know.