I found mistakes (American English for Russian speakers)

First bug. The woman on this video say “I don’t like bread”, but Russian translation in Memrise is “I don’t like…”, “Мне не нравится…”.

Second bug. The guy on first picture say “I’m not American”, but Russian literal translation in Memrise is “Я есть не английский”, it’s incorrect. Correct is “Я есть не американский”

Third bug. The woman on second picture say “Are you American?”, but Russian literal translation in Memrise is “Есть ты английский?”, it’s incorrect. Correct is “Есть ты американский?”.

@MemriseSupport I hope, we can fix that :upside_down_face:

@JBorrego Why does nobody wanna answer?

Hi Kristal9,

thank you for these. Our team will be looking at these and amend them :slight_smile:

Thank you!


First bug.
Video of this bug
Audio pronunciation ends a couple of seconds earlier than it should. I hear “I’m from Rus…”
Second bug.
Video of this bug
Two exactly the same options of answer. Is it normal?

@JBorrego Why does nobody wanna answer?

Hi @Kristal9, thank you for reporting an issue.

Can you let the team know which course it’s in - by giving a link?

The MemRise team are very busy and there are thousands of threads they monitor (as well as the development work they do) but I’m sure they will get back to you.

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This course > American English for Russian speakers <

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Watch this video
The announcer doesn’t pronounce the second word. He speaks only the first word.

There’s a relevant thread for official courses somewhere, you’d better address these issues there. More chances to get a feedback.