I can't study!

All day it just loads and loads and when a lesson finally loads it gets hung up on any media (audio or video) so I can’t do my lessons and I pay for my subscription.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

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I’ve noticed this as well, not to the extent that you mentioned, but sometimes it takes ages for a course to load, sometimes it doesn’t load at all - in my case I was always able to restart the app though.

Also, speed review sessions sometimes take as much as 30s to load/start and, in official Memrise courses, learn with locals videos take somewhere between 5 and 15s to load.

@MemriseSupport, @JBorrego: have you noticed this as well?

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Hi @Laura_Evans39, sorry to hear that!

Can you please confirm the following:

  • your device (make and model)
  • the OS you are running (e.g. Android 9, iOS 13, etc)
  • the version of the app (you can find this in profile > settings)

Could you also double check if your internet connection works as expected on other services?

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


I’m experiencing the same issues. It started happening today, none of my courses load whether I am on WiFi or 4G. My phone is Android, OnePlus 7T Pro. I can’t find my version as my profile won’t even load but it is the most recent one from the Google Play store.

Same here, started to happen recently. Endless loading times. Some sounds don’t play and the lesson gets stuck.

Example: Japanese 3, level 25, 明日 (tomorrow) or 最後 (the final time)

phone: LG G4
android: 6.0
mem version: 2.94_19542_memrise

Sorry to hear that but the team is onto it.

Please can you give a link to the course - or at least say which one it is.

Hope you are soon back to enjoying the App and learning.

I’ve had the same recently on my Android 9 phone, and tend to close the app or look at all courses on my home page and start again.

Me, Japanese 3 https://www.memrise.com/course/1389173/japanese-3/25/

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Same here. It seems not to be connected to a specific course, but rather to be happening intermittently. For instance, I’ve had this happening on several courses, particularly in one of the following situations:

  • I started Memrise for the first time after a longer absence (i. e. the first time on the day, or in the evening when my last session took place back in the morning)
  • I left Memrise open but turned off my tablet; coming back resp. turning the device back on would result in Memrise not responding (hourglass/wait-spinner)

In both cases, it always helped to close Memrise (via the Task Manager) and restart it.

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There is the same problem with me. I want study but my app doesn’t finish loading, and I pay for my subscription!!!
Have any solution? Does the Memrise team really have support to help? I need a feedback in my email, soon as possible! franciscofariam@gmail.com

Hi @fariamendonca,

Sorry to hear that.

We’ve noticed that you messaged us via https://memri.se/support. We’ll follow up on there asap.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.