I can't practice (reviews) Error 500


I’m trying to practice my learned words and I can’t to do it.

Both options (review speed and review ) show me the follow message:

Captura desde 2023-01-02 09-10-49

OS: Ubuntu Linux
Browser: Opera and Chromium (Chrome on Linux)

I’ve disabled Ad Block.


Hi, I’m sorry about that, I’ve made a ticket for our developers, hopefully we’ll get to it tomorrow, we’re just getting restarted after the Christmas break so have a bit of a backlog to clear out.

Hi there, that should be fixed for you now?

I don’t know about Likeingles, but I’m having issues opening anything on the app.memrise.com site, even the log in.
When I check the status over at https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/app.memrise.com they register the site as down.

Never mind; it seems to have been a transient error.

I am able to get in now.

Yeah, I’m having the same issue. And I have multiple courses with daily goals that I haven’t fulfilled, yet (I was working on them when the pages suddenly stopped loading). Any chance of today’s streaks being auto-extended (as Duolingo does) to help everyone having this issue?

Edit: And now I’ve also been able to get in. Very strange glitch.