I can't find a course I was studying

I was studying the course named :essential words for the GRE and now this course is removed the address of the course is:
I should mention a couple of my friends have the same problem please help me with that
A. Fatahi

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If it’s no longer there, the author will have either deleted it or made it private.
Sad, but you can’t do anything about it. If you recall the author’s name, you could ask him here in the forum (provided he has an account - tag him/her with i. e. @amir877).

Dear Mr Rabbachin, thanks for the answer, unfortunately I don’t remember the author 's name.

Well, the last possibility would be to ask @MemriseSupport for help - maybe they can at least find out the author’s name and/or whether the course is still there resp. private or whether the author deleted it …

I asked them already, but they didn’t give me any answer, I’m still waiting for their response. Thanks by the way.

Hi @amir877 :slight_smile:

Someone else asked about this course, and MemriseSupport answered. See the topic: The page you are trying to get to doesn't exist


Thank you so much, now I have to find another way to learn this course. I’m so grateful for this information.


Hi. Did you find a solution?