I cant add audio to course

I asm unable to add my audio to a course, it lets my upload then it is not there, the upload goes away and no file, help?

Hi @Cfalo :slight_smile:

This problem has been cataloged by Memrise to be fixed. View the MemriseMatty (Memrise Team) Topic:

Courses can still be accessed at both Memrise and Decks. So while the problem is not fixed, you can continue to record the audio in Memrise.

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I cant record either, it wont do anything when I click recpord

In the topic below, several users discuss what happens when they try to record audio.

See the link: "Record" button does nothing at all on Decks, but now works on Memrise

Among them, I highlight two information from Olaf.Rabbachin:

If the tips don’t work, you can describe your problem in detail (operating system, browser, etc.), and ask other users for help.

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Actually it did work to record in memrise but still they do need to fix this, it is not something I want to record lol