I cannot unignore words

I made my own course (private) for French. I ignored all words but a few I wanted to learn first. I have done this before and just clicked “ignore none” and “save”…all words were back. Well, not this time. I’ve gone through sessions of ignore all, save, ignore none, save etc. etc. It will not let me learn the 100s of words. It looks as if nothing is being ignored when I look at the list of words. Nothing is greyed out. But on my dashboard, the course insists that there are only six words in it and I learned them all. When I click review, it does let me review 17 words previously learned but I cannot learn any more.

HELP! It took me a long time to make this course and I really don’t want to have to remake it.

How big is your course?
Do you have sub-levels or not?

You press the IGNORE button per course level and the SAVE button button won’t mark all words as un-ignored?

I also have another big course with 1776 words on the top-level with no sub-levels.
When I try to load the ignore list (with some words already on it) it takes me with my Firefox version endlessly.
I see several “Script is not responding: https://static.memrise.com/dist/js/libs-a4fd8e8bf113.js:1” error messages and I would have to press the Continue button many times.
Do you have the same problem?

I tried it with Firefox V52.9.0esr on the web portal for a complete new (un-learned) level of a course with 4175 words and it worked just great:

  • pressing the NONE button deselects ALL checked boxes of the 25 words
  • the SAVE button at the bottom actually permanently unignores all previous 25 words ignored

The IGNORE button and list loading will work for me much better when there are not too many words per level.


What browser are you using?

I can re-test with Firefox Quantum V64.0 and and the latest Google Chrome V71.x later on another system.

Do you see any JS errors in red in the browser web console or do you get those “Script not working” popup messages when loading a huge list of words?

If anything fails, you can still reset your course under options/restart if you have not learned too many words.

But first we should try to track this down and report any errors to the Memrise support team.

I know this thread is from ages ago, but I’m having the exact same problem now. As far as I know it’s only with one course (‘Japanese Medical Terms (Kanji & Kana)’ by Tanoshii).
On the app I can find no way to unignore words, or even any way to see that I have words ignored. I just happened to go onto the course on a web browser on computer and saw I had nine words ignored. I looked up the web guide to unignore (manually go through each level). None appeared to be marked as ‘ignored’, but as you describe above I went through and checked ‘none’ to ignore, then saved. However it made no difference.

Hi LilianaBrayf0,

Are you using the iOS version of the app? The iOS version doesn’t have the facility to ignore and unignore words. I don’t know the reason. It could be an Apple software issue but it’s mentioned in the FAQs.

On the iOS app, the only way I can see which items are ignored is by tapping on an individual Level to open it. Mine shows “IGNORED” to the right hand side of the relevant item. It would be good to have an indicator on the course homepage like there is on the web version! [@frabcus_memrise - any chance of this please?]

Although you can ignore and unignore direct from the Android app, iOS app users can only do it from the web version. I have just tried it with one of my courses and was able to unignore a word from the Level page and it synced straight across to my iOS app ok. Of course, it’s very ‘clunky’ to have to scroll through the Level pages to locate the ignored items in the first place!

Good luck!

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