I can’t use Learn with locals in some courses

(Bugra Kornaz) #1

Hi! I live in Turkey so when I first downloaded memrise It set my default language as Turkish. I can use Learn with locals when I study courses for Turkish speakers but when I add another course(like mexican spanish) from web I can’t
use learn with locals. I changed the default language of my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled memrise but I can’t still use it.

edit: I just realized I can use learn with locals in danish, norwegian, swedish, chinese etc. But I can’t use it for Dutch. Is it becuse of there is no videos for this courses(spanish mexican, brazil portugese, dutch etc.)


Learn with Locals (aka Meet the Natives) is only available for selected official Memrise courses. I’m not sure if this list is up to date, but Spanish (Mexico) isn’t on it unfortunately.

(Bugra Kornaz) #3

Oh, I understand. Thanks for information.

(Chloraflora) #4

In case you were still interested, Spanish (Mexico) seems to have videos for Learn with Locals now :blush: