I am very well (translation error)

(Mark Crowley) #1

This is a translation error.

The Memrise expected answer for translation: Mir geht es sehr gut.
The direct, literal translation: It goes me very well.

The correct word order is: Es geht mir sehr gut.

Unless you want to tell every high school german student (and their native born instructors) that they were taught incorrectly…

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(Eliras) #2

“Mir geht es sehr gut.” is normal everyday German though. I’m not sure if it’s 100% grammatically sound but that’s the way people talk in Germany all the time. It might also depend on dialect, but I wouldn’t call that wrong, both examples work just fine.

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(Mark Crowley) #3

“both examples work fine” is my point - either answer should be accepted, as they are both correct.

(Eliras) #4

Ah, I see what you mean, sorry. You’re right of course.

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(Amanda Norrsken) #5

Was this problem in an official memrise course?

I am just doing some “forum housekeeping” and due to the new split of Decks community courses and official memrise courses, there are now separate forums for Decks and memrise courses.

(Mark Crowley) #6

It was in a formal course.

All the best,


(Amanda Norrsken) #7

I don’t know what you mean by a “formal” course, I am afraid. Can you tell me who created the course that contains the problem?

(Mark Crowley) #8

Memrise created the course… I picked the A1 level (I think) and worked through it.

I do not remember seeing anything that would indicate it was a “custom” or community course from one of the Memrise members.


~ Mark

(Amanda Norrsken) #9

Thank you for the information!