I am cancelling my Memrise subscription

(Johann Petrak34) #1

Sorry but increasing the subsciption fee AND totally messing up with the decks disaster is too much: user contributed courses were the reason I started my subscription in the first place. All the languages I was really interested in were user contributed and I used those courses on my mobile app.
Now, there is no mobile app for these courses and the subscription fee was raised. Seriously?
Sorry, I am not interested any more, this was a great project and I was really enthusiastic about it, but this is just unacceptable.

(Sargeist999) #2

Hi Johann I agree with you about all you wrote. I gone and returned back to Memrise a lot of times in the past few years. Never subscribed to the pro version but I want to give it another chance. Hope you will find your path to language learning. :slight_smile:

(Amanda Norrsken) #3

Are you aware that an app for Decks is in the pipeline? So there will be two parallel websites and apps: one set hosting the official memrise courses and the other for the community courses. The new Decks app will have an offline function, too.

Unfortunately, the memrise staff didn’t publicise this very well, but the information is here on the forum somewhere.

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Here is the announcement:


Mar 15

"Hi all, I wanted to give you an update on our investigation of having a mobile app for Decks.

As mentioned before, we heard your frustration about not being able to learn community courses on an app with offline mode anymore. Thanks again for your comments here and for those who came to our office to discuss it with us. This sparked us to revisit our analysis of mobile learning on community-created courses and assess what it would take to build a mobile app for Decks, which we’ve been doing over the past few weeks.

And it’s good news! After weighing this up, we’ve decided to build a Decks app for iOS and Android. I think we’ve eventually landed in a good place and hope you’ll join us in celebrating that :tada:

In terms of how the Decks app will work:

  • It will work essentially the same way as the Memrise app for community course learning
  • It will contain offline mode, which you’ll be able to use if you’re a Memrise subscriber
  • Like the Decks website, you’ll be able to use your Memrise details to log into the Decks app and all your progress will be retained and moved across.
  • Until the Decks mobile app launches, you’ll be able to carry on learning community-created courses in the Memrise app as you do now.

I don’t have launch dates to share yet, but I’ll post regular updates here.

Like I said before, we’re trying to become better at listening and having open dialogue with you our users. I think Decks marks a new start in this and hope you’ll join us.

Last but not least, on Monday the Decks website will go live. I’ll start a new thread then with more details, it would be great to get your early feedback on it!


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(Johann Petrak34) #5

I am aware that Memrise broke and disabled the functionality (user contributed courses for languages not otherwise offered on my mobile) for which I paid, changed the system which I liked and motivated to pay the subscription fee. Now there is an announcement that something may be offered sometime in the future, nobody knows when and if it will be as useful as what they unnecessarily removed.
Yes I am aware of that and it added to my anger.
The problem is not how the publicised it, the problem is what they did, how they did it and how to broke a working system for many users, only to replace it with a vague promise.

(Amanda Norrsken) #6

I am sorry you are so angry about this.

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(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #7

with Decks having free offline premium account is not worth it unless you a new subscriber and you can’t get more than one level if you don’t pay.

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(aysetuba) #8

Hi Johann,

Would you be up for sharing your feedback in an interview session with us? We are really keen on listening to our users and you seem to be very passionate about Memrise. (Really appreciate this)

Our team is holding weekly interviews with people who are using community courses on the app.
Anyone who is currently reading this post, please feel free to fill out this brief screener and I will be in touch with you to arrange an interview slot.

Memrise UX Researcher