Huehnergard's Grammar of Akkadian - Some Details

Huehnergard’s Grammar of Akkadian, the vocabulary course put together by @tomrussell2, has been an incredible resource for building and solidifying my grasp of Akkadian vocabulary. I have noticed a few discrepancies with Huehnergard that seem like they’re typos - @tomrussell2, since I’m not sure how else to contact you, I thought I’d point some out, in case they confuse new learners:

Ch. 18
pilšu (the SB form) rather than pilšum
mithāriš (an unmarked h) rather than mitḫāriš

Ch. 19
mahīrum rather than maḫīrum

Ch. 24
ḫīarum rather than ḫiārum

Thanks for listening!

An addition: In Ch. 24, the word tībum “attack” (from tebûm) is misspelled *ṭībum, as though from ṭiābum.