HSK level 1 - Introductory Mandarin (with audio)

I haven’t used Memrise for about 2 years and I come back to find the course forums were removed… I can’t for the life of me find a course forum for the above course so I made this topic.

I really hate the website version due in part to the timer for each question. So I’m using trying this course out on my iPhone. I have an issue where I need to input pinyin to answer a question. On the mobile version the app gives you a bunch of letters which you pick to answer the question. I like this better than inputting via a regular keyboard especially for non roman letter input. Anyway, my issue here is that it’s not showing the correct letters and no numbers at all so it’s impossible for me to answer the question. I submitted a bug report - is anyone else having this? Anyone doing this course fine without issues on iPhone?

Hi, Just want to clarify: Are you sure you need to type in the pinyin? Because the screen looks almost identical, it may just be asking you for the English that time (which would explain why it’s giving you different letters).

Often, the same word will sometimes ask you for pinyin and other times ask you for the English.

If this isn’t the case, can you post a specific example?

Also found a problem in the HSK Level 1 course - I can’t get it to recognise my tones… for example if I type ‘jian4’, it marks it as wrong, but also shows the correct answer as ‘jian4’. It doesn’t seem to see the tone numbers?

Is there a way to input the tones that will be recognised?

I’ve checked two Chinese English dictionaries for this character and both have the same definition and it isn’t fetus.


definition should be: 6th earthly branch: 9-11a.m. 4th Solar month 5th May - 5th June. Year of the snake.

Sources: Pleco Dictionary (App)
MDBG Chinese English Dictionary (mdbg.net)

Can this be fixed is the Memrise system?

To what course are you referring to? I must say that I have learnt this ideogram as fetus, but from Memrise. Did not check before

HSK level 1 course with audio. A picture is below.

I wouldn’t rely on Pleco either (most mkistakes in Ben’s HSKs come from Pleco…)

you can ignore the character: there are no HSK words containing it, if I remember well

I would ignore this character, becuse there is no vocabulary with it.
This character is only part of other characters, such as 包, 导, 异, 起, 祀, 汜, 圯 etc.
As “fetus” it can be used to memorize other characters’ meaning, that’s it!

Also in Level 21 the tone on the Piao words seems incorrect. It currently has:

票 - piao4

漂 - piao1

漂亮 - piao4 liang5

I think the last one should be piao1 liang5 since it’s the same character as the second, not the first, but I’m not exactly sure.