Hrothberht's EXCELLENT Swedish Duolingo course

First, thank you hrothberht for your very helpful work creating the Duolingo Swedish course. It is so much better than the real thing in every way. I use it every day.

I do have a suggestion, many of the answers(and questions) are enclosed in <> () or {}.

This is a problem because you have to type these to get the answer correct. Is there any way you could remove them? Or I could do it?

This could be done with a search/replace. There are a few cases where the answer is preceded by an en/ett/att but the question does not contain that. I’m not sure how to report those as they are uncommon and I haven’t kept a list.

Thanks again. I’m halfway through!

I suggest tagging him so he gets notified. I’ll do that for you here: @hrothberht

Hi @upandawaykidd (and thanks for the tag @Olaf.Rabbachin),

Thank you for the kind words, but at present I am no longer maintaining the Swedish course. Instead, @sustained is. So your compliments really belong to him. (My name only still shows up because I was at one point the course creator and apparently that sticks forever.)

I’m not sure about your assumption that a search/replace is enough. Instead you’d have to manually add alternative answers manually to each such item, if I remember correctly how memrise works. But I would anyway like to hear @sustained’s opinion on the matter.

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well thanks for starting the course anyway. I am assuming about the search/replace but the questions/answers are correct most the time - you just have to remember how the formatting is to get it correct.

One time you are asked “a landscape” and required to type “(ett) landskap” Other times you are asked “(en) kanin” but the answer is “kanin”. I can see why the second example is new content but the significant majority of cases using parenthesis are like the first.

I hope this is constructive. I use the course often and the care and time that has gone into it is amazing.

I am happy to help anyway I can.

Thank you @Olaf.Rabbachin

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There seems to be no response from @sustained. If you do read this, are still actively maintaining the course and want to take over the course from me, it seems that there is a way nowadays.

@upandawaykidd, are you still interested in making the changes you mentioned? And more importantly: do you have any experiences in creating/editing a memrise course?