How to use memrise to learn many words (4000+) in an efficient way?

I am new to Memrise and I am having some difficulties understanding how it works.
I have about a list with about 4500 words, with definitions and some images that I want to learn (in less than 4 months). The words are just some random complex words of my native language, so it shouldn’t be to hard to learn them (i kind of know a lot of them already).

Do I just press on 1 level and then press learn? When have I “learned” the words? For instance, it says 91/4512 works learned (0 in long term memory) right now, what does this mean? Do I have to review them? How many times? How would you use Memrise if you were in my position?

How many words can you learn a day? In the phone app the daily goal max is 30.

Any advice is welcomed.

If you tap/click learn on the main page, you’ll learn the next set of 3/5/7/10 words (see your settings) for whatever level is current. That said, if you have opted to learn i. e. 5 words/session and there is only 3 left in the level, you’ll only learn those three.
You can, however, also go to a certain level in the course (provided there is more than 1) and learn the next set of words there.

You have “learned” the words after you have gone through the 3*2 cycles for community courses (differs for the official Memrise courses). In the first learning session, you’ll see each word 3 times (if I’m not mistaken!). After the 2nd cycle, the “flower” will be fully planted which means the word has been learned. Hence, you’ll have “seen” each word 6 times before it’s considered “learned”.
From then on, you’ll see it pop up during (speed) review sessions.

The vocab will be up for review according to the Spaced Repetition System (SRS).

Just go ahead and learn/review as you see fit. I’d suggest to not bother all too much about the daily goal - this is just to maintain your “streak” (course-based with Memrise).
I have all my courses set to 5 min/words. Neither minutes nor words really make much sense as the goal is really points-based (“XP”). For instance, in order to reach a daily goal of 5 min/words, you’ll have to score at least 1500 points on any given day, be it through learning or review or whatever else.

As for the number you can learn - you can simply learn several times. Personally, I always perform 2 learning sessions for any course and any given number of words to be learnt (according to the personal settings). I also regularly change the number of words to be learned from course to course.

That said, I work on, IDK, 10 or so courses each day that haven’t yet been finished, plus many others that I have finished so I only review those when appropriate.
Hence, if you only learn one course and you want to finish this course within your given time frame, you can do the math as for how many words you need to learn every day in order to be finished within 4 months (quite a challenge :slight_smile:!).

Last but not least, if you already know many of the words, you can choose to either ignore these or you utilize the auto-learn script (web only). See this thread for more information: