How to understand "может пропустим"

the translation of “может пропустим по стаканчику?” is “how about a small drink”

может means “may I”, as in “am i allowed”
пропустим means to miss, pass, skip
the literal translation is probably close to “are we allowed to skip a small drink

for a beginner such as myself, a literal translation would have been more consistent with the word definition of пропустите defined as “missed” [as in I missed my stop]. As the material stands today, it implies that пропустим means “let’s go” [have a drink]". пропустим does mean “let go” but in the sense of release not as in “let’s go”.

So while the memrise translation is correct, the literal translation would be better for beginners such as myself (along with the understanding of the implied meaning)

Dear @kialamajaro, thank you for your comment. You have a valid point, some idiomatic expressions don’t make much sense when analysed word by word. The word пропустть has literal meaning “to miss” - which we teach in the item “пропустить остановку” - “to miss a stop”. Still, in conversational Russian “пропустить” is used as “to have a quick one”. Our approach is close to a natural language acquisition, not word memorising. Best of luck. Pavel