How to type अच्छा using the keyboard offered here?

Dear colleagues, could you please help me with this? I have just started some Hindi courses here at Memrise, but can’t type correctly words that I already learned, like अच्छा. In the digital keyboard used on the course screen, I can find च and छ, but I don’t know how to input just half of च and create the correct combination च्छ using the offered keyboard.

Thank you very much for your help.

Assuming that you are using Windows 10:

  • click the Start/Windows button (or hit the key on your keyboard)
  • type “language” into the box (or whatever the word is in the language currently installed on Windows)
  • the entry “language settings” should appear (again, differs according to your language)
  • the Settings window comes up
  • click the “Add a preferred language” link, as shown here:
  • locate the desired language and install it / follow the instructions

Once you’ve done that, you can use i. e. Windows-key + Spacebar to switch between input languages.
If you don’t have a physical keyboard for each language, click the Windows Start button and type “key”, this should bring up the “On-Screen keyboard” which you can then use instead of your physical keyboard.

Thank you very much Olaf. Actually I know about that option of adding a new keyboard but I thought that I should input only through the digital keyboard present inside the course, in which I don’t see how to input the combination च्छ.

Well, yes, as a course creator you can pre-select specific keyboards and/or add specific characters. To do so:

  • edit your course
  • click the Database dropdown and choose the database (usually only one) - you now see all words in a tabular list
  • hover over the target language column’s header - you’ll see a pencil-icon appear - click it
  • the Edit Column dialog appears
  • near the top, click Testing
  • you’ll now see the Keyboard characters input box (= manual / specific characters) and, underneath it, the dropdown that allows you to pick an existing keyboard (don’t see any for Hindi though).

Oh no, I am not a course creator. I meant for example, the kind of digital keyboard that is present in the course “Teach yourself Hindi” to answer some of the writing exercises. I could manage to use it most of the time, but in cases like that mentioned combination, I need to use an external writer like Baraha Pad and copy/paste.

Sorry, I misinterpreted your “started some Hindi courses”. :grimacing:

Sadly, this is a setting that only the course creator can change (course contributors can’t). So the only chance you have is to contact the course author here. This requires that (s)he has a forum account. Go to the course and check the creator’s name and try to tag her/him here by typing @ followed by the name, i. e. @romulomalta2219. If a dropdown appears that shows the name and the name’s background turns grey, the user will be notified. If not, you won’t have any chance to change this, I’m afraid.

Thank you very much for your prompt help Olaf!

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I’m not sure if it is given on the keyboard, but there should be a ‘halant’ symbol that looks like this:

To type अच्छा, you need to place the halant – also called virama – between च and छ.

The halant is used to ‘connect’ letters and create ligatures in Devanagari.